1PercentMore Challenge with Spogo

#1PercentMore Challenge

1PercentMore Challenge with Spogo

I’ve  been asked to take on the #1PercentMore challenge with the smart new way to find sports & fitness activities.

The idea of the 1 Percent More challenge is to encourage people from all fitness levels & backgrounds to actively participate in a more healthier  lifestyle for just 15 minutes a day (well 14.4 minutes to be exact) which funnily enough is 1 percent of your day!

So I challenge all of you to be more active for 15 minutes a day for the next couple of weeks. It can mean walking to work, taking the stairs instead of the lift each time you go to a meeting or leave the flat. Cycle a little bit further, stay longer at the gym. However you do it give it that little bit extra & encourage those around you to do likewise.

Not only that but each week there is the 1 minute challenge to test your fitness levels against the clock, competing against others & gauge your improvements over the week. This weeks challenge i’ve set is the Plank Jack! Checkout the video below on how to do it. Warning though it’s a killer!

After you have done the 1 minute challenge let us know how you got on via our Facebook page or by tweeting @brighton_rock using #1PercentMore

This post was written by Adam of Fitness Fan. Follow him @brighton_rock