2XU Compression Gear


It was a normal day at the office, when suddenly Dane asks me “Olivier, do you wear compression tights?” “Yes sometimes, why?” I replied, a bit confused. “Would you like to try a pair for me and write a post about it?” Sure! And this is why you’re reading this post today about the 2XU Elite MCS compression tights.

For those not familiar with compression tights, they are supposed to improve recovery by compressing your muscles, allowing blood to flow back easier, carrying the lactic acid out of the muscles. They also reduce muscle oscillation and damage. I run quite often (5 sessions a week for 10 weeks when prepping for a race) so I like to wear compressions tights from time to time.

When putting them on for the first time, I think it took me a good 5 minutes to put them on and adjust them so that I feel totally comfortable. Quick tip by the way, always wear socks when putting on compression tights; it just makes the whole thing a hundred times easier. Anyway, once put on, I think they look good, and I quite like the big X on the thigh.

So I used them for the first time for an hour and a half run around Victoria Park at jog speed (11.5 kph / 7mph – 70-75% of my max. heart rate). They felt quite comfortable to run with, and after a few minutes I almost forgot I was wearing them. The weather was average, 12°C, which is a good temperature to run with tights I think because they keep your legs warm without a sensation of overheating. I hadn’t run for about 10 days at the time because I was recovering from a half marathon and been very busy at work, so I had to expect DOMS (Delayed Onset of Muscle Soreness) if the tights did not do a good job.

I used them for the second time during a session at the gym where I did a few workouts including spinning, running and various plank workouts (that I do to improve my swim). I found them much easier to put on this time (it just took me a minute!) and I don’t know if it’s because they adapted to my morphology or because I had learned from the first try.


I am overall satisfied with the 2XU MCS Compression Tights because I felt very little muscle soreness after both sessions compared to what I had expected, and it’s really what tights are all about for me. I exercise a lot (at least 5 times a week) so recovering faster is not a luxury at all!

Also, I machine washed 3 times since first using them, following the instructions carefully, and they still look as new. Hope this goes on.

Little bio if you need:

Olivier works in Digital Marketing and loves running. His favourite distance is the half-marathon, where he set his PB to a modest but hard-earned 1:23:01. He is now preparing for a triathlon (sprint distance first), which is going to require a lot of effort given his poor swimming and cycling abilities.