3 Diet Tips


So we all know that in order to get good results, feel fresh and perform better, diet plays a huge role in that. 

But, you think you eating healthy and you can’t really see much change? Also with all the marketing messages, its hard to tell to separate what good from the bad?

In fact, here are a few nutritional mistakes that “healthy” people commonly make

Not Eating Carbs

So you think carbs are bad and all you eat is protein! Well, it is only simple carbs (sweets, energy bars, sugary drinks and refined grain products like white bread) are not the best choice! However not all carbs are bad! 

Complex carbohydrates are good in proportion and need to be included into your well balanced diet.  Examples include, whole grains and beans need to be included in a healthy diet – and something that your body needs to function properly and power through a workout. Workouts are powered by carbohydrates and not by protein. So make sure you do not forget that!


Fruit juices have become a popular trend or fad lately. While the idea of juicing is good, the process itself has a few flawless in it. The fruit juicing process removes most of the fibre, where all the nutrients are!

So you are left with a sweeter and smoother drink, which is only a little bit healthier than a fizzy drink! So we would reccomend, you ditch the healthy juicing drinks and go for that high quality H2O. Water, water, water!

Salad Dressings


So you eating lots of greens and then covering them in dressings? You might as well just eat normally. Dressings and cheese can easily add up to a 1000+ calories per sitting.

So make sure you are not falling into these mistakes and hope they these diet tips are not to be forgotten.

Work hard, Work Out!