The Muscle Coaches

Welcome to The Muscle Coaches (formerly known as Fitness Fan) – a UK Health, Fitness and Nutrition website run by Dane and Hayley which is based in Central London aimed at helping people reach their potential and lead a healthy and fit lifestyle.

Who are we?

We’re two natural individuals who have worked in the fitness industry for many years and are highly educated within the fitness world. Comprised of Dane (The Founder) and Hayley (The Co-Founder), we met one another at University whilst both studying Sport and Exercise Science Degrees (BSc Hons) at the University of Chichester. We become great friends due to our like-minded enthusiasm for training and fitness as well as our passion in wanting to succeed in everything we do. We know the daily struggles of balancing full time work with training, dieting and socializing and therefore we have created The Muscle Coaches in order to help others improve their lives and find their own balance to living a healthy, fit and long life.

We aim to enlighten people with insightful training methods together with cutting edge training videos as well as top form fitness advice; nutritional guidance, diet plans for bulking and leaning up – including the real bikini guide – healthy and innovative recipes from industry experts and nutritionists; reviews of all the latest technology within the fitness trade as well as a unique separate section for women and a psychological category that aims at assisting your cognitive preparation and progression. Not only that but we have exclusively created a section to offer you bespoke and specific training and dietary plans that are tailored to suit your individual needs, requirements and goals.

The Muscle Coaches also meet and greet Olympians, Professional athletes and Fitness models for up close and personal interviews so you can see how the best of the best train, eat and lead a healthy lifestyle. As well as attending fitness conferences, workout festivals and weekly exercise sessions from top London gyms, we aim to deliver the latest news and fitness crazes to keep you fuelled with all the motivation and inspiration you’ll ever need in defining your potential.


Our Goal

To inspire, to motivate and to enlighten! We want you to define your potential and make positive changes forthe better. We want to educate you on becoming the best versions of yourselves to date through showing you how to cook nutritiously healthy meals, how to train effectively and safely, while consistently improving your own personal well-being and happiness. Life can get us all down from time to time, but it’s what you do to turn things around and change in your life that will help you escape any negativity your life may have. Be it being uncomfortable in your own skin or unhealthy relationships with others or even oneself; we aim to give you the confidence to improve your self-esteem and change the way you live for the better. Consistency is the key to any healthy lifestyle and therefore we do not advocate any crash diet or training fads, everything that we advise is to aid you over your life span and is not a quick fix.

Let us know!

We want to hear your stories, we want to see your transformations and hear what gets you motivated to lead a fit and healthy life. No matter how old you are or what your fitness level is if you are looking to always improve yourself then you will fit right in with The Muscle Coaches Family and follow us on Facebook or Instagram!

If you have any questions about health, training programs, dietary plans or anything else fitness related then feel free to drop us a line and we’ll do our best to reply as soon as possible.