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James - Fitness FanFrom a small town, just outside of Brighton, I have lived in Telscombe Cliffs all my life. Currently I am studying business management at the University of Brighton, and enjoying it. However, everyone needs a vice, and I’m afraid mine is the gym. As a young boy, football was my passion, and although I am still very much into it, I have drifted slightly, ranking bodybuilding above it, I think because throughout school, college and growing up, I myself was very skinny, and always looked up to larger individuals.

I started from a young age, watching wrestling I was always fascinated by aesthetics and bodybuilding size of the stars. 21 years later here I am, a Gym addict. After Joining my local gym at 19, and after people started recognising my body shape changing, I suddenly became more conscious of the gym lifestyle, what I ate, how I trained etc.  At 20, I made the (huge) jump and joined a well-recognised, hard-core bodybuilding gym in Hove, called Cheetahs. I was however too afraid to start alone, due to the reputation of the gym and the sheer size of some of the people that train there and so I started with a long time, with my close friend Sam, Not a bad word should be said about Cheetahs though as these anxieties were silly really, the guys at the gym are all around good guys, and I have been lucky to meet some amazing people here.

Including Dane, an inspirational guy, who I met through training. We began training together and it pretty much took off from there, he introduced me to the idea of Fitness Fan, which I thought was a brilliant Idea.

This year, were aiming to hit our optimistic targets for 2014 and are on course currently to do so, making a note of our progress each day. Both he and I personally have the same perspective, and do not see the gym as a chore, but gain personal enjoyment out of beating our personal goals and improving each time we train. I think for me, having someone to train with really motivated me, sure we have a laugh, but as long as were making progress.

At the end of the day, it depends on you as a person what you’re into, whether you are looking to improve general fitness or become a recognised bodybuilder, as long as you enjoy what you’re doing. No one is forcing you to change; you have to make the change yourself. In the words of the Hodge twins, Do whatever the F*$K you want to do!

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