I was born and grew up in Ireland. I moved to the Cambridge when I was 18 to study, I have a degree in Forensic Science and a Masters in Forensic Toxicology. I currently work within the pharmaceutical industry so not your typical link to a fitness enthusiast.

So entering the fitness world I have done so taking a slightly different avenue….Just enjoyment


Paul Byrne Fitness Fan


My background is based in chemistry and toxicology, which definitely helps me understand the geekier side of things, but also I enjoy working out.Five years ago I could safely say I hadn’t a clue what a dumbbell was and probably would have used it for a doorstop.I was fortunate enough to have a best mate who was determined to get me into a healthier lifestyle. With combining exercise, healthy foods, not only did I my physique start to change but also my personality.


Moving forward I wanted to understand more about nutrition and exercise so I undertook a course to become a nutritionist and Personal Trainer.The extra experience has helped me gain more knowledge about nutrition/ health living and exercise. Hopefully I can throw some tips your way too.