My passion in life is health and fitness, i love anything to do with it, ever since I was young I have always been into sport. Playing netball for sussex and Chichester university, playing football and of course going to the gym!

I have a little boy now so I have a hectic life but it is important to fit in exercise and I personal train around family life.

I studied BSc (Hons) Sport and Exercise science with Dane and Hayley at Chichester Uni. It greatly contributed to my knowledge of health and fitness, it was really interesting as well to take part in and see many different experiments. This really inspired me to become a personal trainer; where I worked in a gym I trained all sorts of people from athletes to older people; helping people lose weight, gain muscle or generally become more active. I love seeing people progress and get the transformations they want.

As well as exercise, nutrition is really important to me, I am always creating healthy quick recipes for people to have on the go. We are what we eat right?!

I want to help everyday people with busy lives get in the best shape ever. We have a huge obesity problem so I feel privileged that I may be able to help even a few people make important changes to their life!

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