The Best Ways to Achieve Your Fitness Individual Goals

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As the craze of the fitness era bekins and we find ourselves being fed meaningless ‘challenges’ and ‘quick fixes’ resulting in the ‘perfect body in 30 days’, it pains me to explain to you that there is no quick fix, no magic pill and definitely no 30-day challenge that will grant you your ideal body in such a short time frame. Our goals, aims, ambitions and objectives are all different to one another as we are all starting off from different stages, whether it be as a novice new to exercise or an athlete puzzled about nutrition; the point is we are all going to adapt to our training at various speeds and therefore reach our goals at different points in our lives. Whether it be coming back from injury, postnatal weight loss or competing in your first bikini competition, the truth is we are all only going to achieve our desired outcome through hard work, determination and a clear, controlled mindset!

Gym Squat Challenge - Fitness FanTake the 30-day squat challenge for example: this challenge predicts that from day 1 you can already do 50 squats – can we? Speaking as an experienced squatter I know 50 bodyweighted squats is easy for myself but I am a trained indivdual and for people who are just starting out this is a ridiculously high amount considering there is also no ‘step by step’ or ‘how to’ squat with perfect form given with this challenge. You could be causing yourself serious damage from being unaware of the correct technique and throwing yourself in the deep end attempting these type of challenges – espically when unsupervised. Regardless of your experience, attempting a 30-day challenge just purely based on one area of the body and specifically one large muscle group; with hardly any recovery time or essential rest periods, could cause some severe damage from overtraining resulting in injury as well as putting you off of all exercise for good.

What should we do?

Get a gym induction asap!

If you’ve recently joined a gym and you’re now known as a ‘newbie’ in there, you may not have a clue as to what machines you should use regardless of understanding how to use them! I recommend the first thing you do is ask for a suitable gym induction based on YOUR GOALS. Now don’t be put off for asking for help, that’s what the fitness consultants you see walking around the gym are there for, you can go into as much detail as you like as at the end of the day you are paying a monthly fee for a service that they should be providing you without you having to ask in the first place. Most professional gyms should give you a gym induction upon your first session, if they don’t then don’t be hesitant to demand for one! This is essential in understanding the health and safety of all gym equipment as well as wanting to remain injury free.

Find a personal trainer!

Training Advice - Fitness FanHaving a personal trainer to get you started on the right track is one of best things you can do to help you achieve your goals in a consised and formulated time frame, giving you the motivation to keep going than if you were to go at this solo. A great personal trainer has the ability to inbed determination, self-disipline, motivation and confidence into your mind to make you strive hard and accomplish your goals. They can be someone to turn to when you’re having those down days about yourself; they will be providing you with an unbeatable service with teaching you the correct ways to exercise as well as how to use the gym equipment correctly; and not only will they assist with your diet and lifestyle but they become one of the closest  companions within your gym setting.

Make new friends at the gym!

Feeling insecure and alone at the gym isn’t ideal so when the opportunity arises make some new friends. You’ll realise that everyone is in the same boat and wanting to reach out to someone of similar ability and aims to assist one another when it comes to those ‘I don’t want to do it’ gym sessions. These friends can help you in so many ways that you’ll see them quickly become one of your closest buddies and experience a completely different relationship than you have with your ‘normal’ non-gym-goer friends. Our gym buddies push us through the hard times, motivate us to stay on track and supports us by keeping our mind focused. They will tell us to put the cake down and pick up the avocado and salmon salad, they are people who keep you smiling throughout your 50th squat thrust rep and they will always be there for you through the highs and lows.

Attend gym classes!

Gym classes are not only a brilliant way to meet new people but they also allow you to gain an understanding to what type of exercise you enjoy partaking in as well teaching you the appropriate techniques for the exercises involved. Within gym classes, whether they are gym floor classes led by the gym’s fitness instructor or group exercise classes in the gym’s studio led by qualified instructors, these people training you are similar to that of a personal trainer and allow you to grasp a varitey of skills, be motivated by their inspiring presence as well as exude maxiumal effort from yourself via experiencing new and exciting exercise classes.

Read up and expand your knowledge!

How will you be able to achieve your goals without knowing exactly how they can be achieved? Nutrition, training and well-being advice is widely available now-a-days with the touch of a button! On our smart phones, our office computers or in your local library’s are some vital books and articles – where it be blogs or science Journals – readily accessible for us the soak up all the important facts. So go read up, expand your knowledge, increase your brains capacity and shock your friends with your excellent expertise that enables you to grow your awareness in your ability to reach your goals

With the right training program and the right nutrtion we can all become the best versions of ourselves and that is undoubtably what we should strive for in life instead of comparing ourselves with the next ‘cover model’ on woman’s fitness or that latest work colleague who’s managed to drop ten dress sizes in just 6 months! We all show progress at different speeds, where it be managing to up the weight of your 10-rep squat by 10kg or if it be fitting into those size 10 jeans you’ve longed for since 2012; the objective is that we all need to motivate one another through our own small achievements collectivey inspiring everyone to accomplish their own individual goals and succeding in whatever those may be.

Let’s power through and channel our energy into making 2015 the best YOU year ever!