Adam & Dane Skydive

Adam Skydive - Fitness Fan

In September 2013 Adam, Dane and friends took to the sky to raise money for a local charity. After many months of fundraising and organising, the day came when they both decided to jump out of a plane and skydive at 15,000ft above the earth, free fall at 120mph and then descend slowly back to the ground.


Dane Skydive - Fitness Fan

Dane and Nick back on the ground!

TeamSkyFall - FitnessFan

Some of the guys ….happy and addicted skydivers!

Adam Skydive - Fitness Fan

No turning back now!

Adam Skydive - Fitness Fan

Adam free-falling from 15,000ft at 120mph!

We can both say it was an experience of a lifetime, even if you are scared of heights. We cannot recommend it enough. So go on, jump out of a plane and join the madness.