Advice for Back Pain

We all lead different lifestyles, different jobs and have different objectives in life. If we look at fitness for example, not everybody wants to bulk up, some people want to slim down and others just want to improve their overall fitness.  Rattling on about fitness and how great it is, but the underlying fact is that the majority of people usually do is sitting on the spot all day. What does this mean? It means they are sitting in the same position almost 8 hours.Most of the time people have weak core muscles that result in back / lower back pain. This is not a problem that can be solved by a pill.  In the United States they have started realizing this and are implementing different way people work by :

1.Get a functional movement screen

2.Use free weights and stand instead of sit

3.Do functional movements and training instead of muscle isolating exercises

4.Put more focus on core strength

What is functional movement screen?

It was developed by Gray Cook. Functional Movement Screen/System (FMS) is a testing system. The FMS simplifies the concept of body movement and its impact it has, it shows the asymmetry that can cause problems in the future. If you have lots of asymmetries, which means your body is uneven. This results in one side of your body is overloaded and some of your muscles work more to avoid imbalance.

It is good to know your current situation of how your body and overall posture, not only for professional athletes but regular exercisers and for everybody. The FMS generates its own results on the Functional Movement Screen Score. This score is not only used to target problems but also track progress. This scoring system is directly linked to the most beneficial corrective exercises to restore mechanically sound movement patterns. With this test and the corrective exercises what you should do every day you can perform better.

Why free weights?

Because using them for example in standing position activates more muscles to keep you in balance. You need to contract and hold your whole body. For instance using the TRX suspension trainer is not only doing inverted row on it. It is not only for your upper back muscles it is for your whole body because need to hold yourself like a board, nice and straight. This means whole body muscle contraction focusing on quads, glutes, core.

What is functional training?

Any type of exercise that has a direct relationship to the activities you perform in your daily life.This means you will never do real isolating exercises a day. Let’s see your shopping. Carrying bags on your left side means you do not really have to lean left just because the weight is on your left. Just contract your core muscles, keep yourself straight and up. Training for this and doing farmer’s walk (carrying a dumbbell or kettlebell one side) around on the gym floor makes you weird but if you explain why you do it people will glimp and think about it.

Why core and  is important?

Core Muscle Workouts - Fitness FanCore muscles are important for every daily activity not even for carrying your child but standing straight for a while. Let’s see a very basic exercise such as press ups (push ups). Core muscles run up and down and around your back. And so keep your spine and neck in the right position.And core muscles run around and through your pelvis. Supporting your pelvic floor.If your core muscles are weak. Then you often sit and stand badly. With hunched shoulders and a saggy belly. And over many years this can lead to back pain. And spinal disc problems.Weak core muscles make people more prone to hernias. And a weak pelvic floor makes women more prone to incontinence.A strong core leads to good posture. And can prevent back problems.

To sum up, using free weights,  functional training, strengthen your core muscles which will all help people achieve their fitness goals