Alex Briggs Interview

Alex Briggs Interview

Name: Alex Briggs

Nickname: Briggs

Age: 20

Height: 6”0

Weight: 170.8 lbs

Instagram: alexbriggs23

Twitter: alexbriggs23


When did you first start training?

I first started training when I was 17, around 3 years ago. I started training due to the fact I was bullied at school for always being the smallest and in truth I was the smallest in my year. I had an eating disorder and food intolerances when I was younger. This made it very hard for me to eat much therefore maintaining a small and thin body.

This affected me more than people realised and in my head I had something to prove. Once I started going to the gym I would always receive comments like “you’ll always be small” and ‘you’ll never look good”, I used this as motivation and I got my head down and started listening to my older brother James and friends Tom and Kitey. This gave me time to learn and set goals and further achieve what I expected of myself.

How often do you train?

I train 4-5 times a week. Depending on circumstances I try and get 6 sessions in a week.

How long do you train for?

3 years of training has enabled me to learn a lot and test a lot of theories and workouts but usually I train for an hour and a half. This is the period where I’ve seen the best results alongside a solid diet.

What are your goals?

My Goals are to inspire people to do something they love whatever that might be. Also by featuring in magazines and competing in competitions I’m hopeful this will help spread the positivity that I have to many people. I know what I’m capable of and won’t stop working until I’ve achieved it. If I stay consistent with my diet and training anything is possible.



Which is your favourite muscle group to train?

My favourite muscle group to train is by far Chest, find chest the most rewarding body part for me because it’s something I can’t progress on very quickly so when I do I’m happy.
Can you talk through your weekly workout?

Monday – Chest, Tuesday – Back, Wednesday – Rest day, Thursday- Legs, Friday- Shoulders. Sometimes if I get enough time I’ll strain Saturday or Sunday, I’ll usually focus on what I’m most unhappy with (which is a lot) but focus on certain body parts to remain in proportion. I also usually try and leave as much time between chest and shoulders because training them too closely together, effects my results.

Do you follow a particular diet?

Yes, my diet is very clean and on a daily basis I eat; steak, chicken, oats, almonds and my favourite sweet potato. I’m lucky as being a student, income doesn’t support the food I’d like and need to eat but I feel extremely grateful my brother, girlfriend and family help me out and couldn’t thank them enough for what they do for me. However, I do occasionally enjoy the odd burger or dominoes as a cheat meal. My diet will be clean and on target all week but Sunday is usually my cheat day where anything goes but does sometime end up being clean anyway.

What supplements so you take?

Honestly? I’m don’t take a lot of supplements because I simply forget! The supplements I take are whey protein, BCAA’S, Fermented Cod liver oil and the occasional pre-workout. This makes it easy to maintain and track what’s going in my body and when

What music do you listen to when training?

I listen to a variety of music when I train from heavy metal to R&B but my favourite would have to be rap and grime. I think music is very important when it comes to training because it can get you ready for a session and calm you down afterwards. Except when you forget your earphones, that’s not ideal.


Who do you look up to or admire?

I’ve only ever been inspired by Arnold Schwarzenegger and Dwayne Johnson, this is because growing up I was a huge wrestling fan (I still follow it) and when I first glimpsed at Arnold, my words were “I want to look like that”. Don’t get me wrong, I appreciate a good physique and certain people’s success but the only one who motivates me, is myself and the people who notice my hard work. After all, I don’t do this to be better than anyone else, I do this to better myself and not being where I want to be is motivation enough.
What is your best achievement?

My best achievement by far is meeting some amazing people such as Tristan Edwin Everard Mills and Simon Barnes and of course Dane Michael. By simply looking after my body, I’ve been lucky enough to be given some very appreciated opportunities such as working for the Adonis Cabaret Show and working with Simon, who is extremely talented. It’s also given me better financial opportunities such as being a butler and hosting hen parties all around Brighton and Hove. My ultimate achievement will always be people telling me I inspire them and telling me I’m the reason they’re starting their journey. Since starting the gym I’ve been contacted about TV appearances, Sponsorship deals and even photoshoots. I’ll forever be humbled and grateful to the people who have made this all possible.

What advice would you give anybody who wants to start training?

Do it! Training has changed my life and would do it all over again. Training isn’t just good physically. It gives you a form of relief and achievement. For me, it’s a lifestyle. If I didn’t go to the gym, I’d feel lost. You don’t necessarily need a goal to follow either, just go and enjoy It.