Alibi Health Drink

Product Review

I’ve never been a huge fan of fizzy energy drinks. The sickly aftertaste, the furry coat it leaves on your teeth coupled with the inability to sleep. Needless to say I was interested to try Alibi’s sparking fruity ‘pretox’ drink. A drink which claims to replenish, refresh and support while protecting your body’s natural defences.

Claiming to be a genuinely healty option for busy people on the go a can of Alibi contains:

  • 11 vitamins including Vitamin C, D and E (a great antioxidant).
  • Minerals including calcium and potassium (great for bones and blood).
  • Superfood health as a result of 100% RDA of vitamin K, a vitamin found in superfoods such as spinach and brocollii.
  • Immune System protection – with the help of ‘Wellmune’ a natural ingredient which is clinically proven to boost the immune system.
  • Natural Sweetness from Stevia Leaf.

Alibi - Energy Drink | Product Review - Fitness Fan

Now that’s a lot of goodness from such a little can and from looking at the ingredients on the can I can safely say there are no hidden nasties, no caffeine and nothing articifical to be found here.

The Vitamin K is a great vitamin most commonly found in food types such as spinach. It is scientifically proven to carry important health benefits relating to bone development. Bone development is very important when training, as all muscles need to attach to bones. More importantly, if  you are training to increase size, naturally your body mass will increase due to muscle development. The stronger the bones for the muscles, the less likly you are to face injury. The Wellmune Beta Glucan – is a new defense ingredient to help with immunity. This ingredient from the US is supported by nine clinical studies and  has had over $300m in research. The Alibi energy drink is the first European drink selected to include Wellmune. It will be interesting to see if anymore contain Wellmune in the future.

The lever you use to open the can, did break when opening it.

Taste wise I tried the pomegranate and didn’t totally love it as there was a slight bitter aftertaste. However it was refreshing enough and it definitely quenched my thirst. At 99 calories a can its’ definitely something I’d consider getting if I needed a little pick me up as well, although I’d probably opt to try the sparkling citrus flavour next time.