Apple Watch


First of all you’re probably reluctant to spend the minimum £299 for a watch but those of you who are Apple geeks, will know what the hype is all about.

I went for the 42mm Space Grey with black sports band costing £339.

Apple Watch

I’ve been using the watch for a couple of days now and have used it in conjunction with the Freeletics workout app.

The watch is great for measuring your heart rate and also tells you how many calories you’ve burned throughout the day. It has a great and easy to use interface by using rings to show you each target you need to complete each day.You can set the watch to burn as many (or little) calories you want to burn. It also prompts you to stand up for a minute if you’ve been sat down for an hour. This helps get the blood flowing back around your body. It also helps you achieve the daily 30 minute exercise ring. This isn’t necessarily running or jogging, but this can be achieved by walking or doing stuff around the house. This helped me on day one. I saw I had 12 minutes left to achieve, so instead on catching the bus home from the train station, I walked. You see the watch is clever, as it’s constantly monitoring your heart rate and knows when you’re on the move.


The Apple Watch has an app very similar built in like the Nike Running App, you can set it to running, walking, jogging etc. you can also set your goal for example, ‘I Want to burn 500 calories’ or ‘Run 4 miles’

On the tech side of things developers are bringing out apps on a daily basis, Uber Taxis have just released an app for the watch and you can even tweet and check your Instagram from the watch.

I definitely think going forward the watch can only make you live your life healthier. It prompts you in the right way with gentle taps on the wrist. And the best thing about the watch?
Making and receiving calls on your wrist is COOL though!