Are Goals Important?

Goals in Fitness Fans

Wandering from half heartedly from machine to machine they do very little, often checking their phones for messages or watching the television and it’s ads and music videos. If they use a machine or grab some weights they often use them in a way which won’t help them get fit, healthier or sculpt the body they dream of.

These people usually give up after a while as working out at the gym is becoming a chore and boring and those good intentions begin to die away as they find more and more excuses not to go.

These are not the only people I notice either, downstairs in my gym you can see the guys with the skinny legs and big stomachs who are obsessed with lifting the heavier weights , grunting loudly s if to say ‘look at what I can lift!’

What is missing here are realistic goals and the training to help them get there. Our minds need a destination, they also need a path and the mode of transport we will use to get there. If it looks too far or we are unsure how to get there and hope for the best then we are likely to lose interest and not bother. The mind hates not knowing where it is going or if it gets anxious and tries to use procrastination as a way of stopping people going into the unknown. Very crafty really, it’s easy to think you are being lazy when in reality your mind is using it as a safety mechanism to prevent you feeling bad the future failings.

What can you do then?

1. Invest in a personal trainer who can help define your goals into realistic steps forward. If finances are a concern then space out your sessions with the trainer until you feel confident to go it alone.

2. Learn how to use machines and lift weights so your time is maximised into moving forward to your goals.

3. Facebook, Youtube, Twitter etc are good tools to get more tips and hints on what you can experiment with when working out. They also tend to send out daily messages of inspiration and motivation.Goals for training - Fitness Fan

4. Nutritional goals are important too as your hard work is easily undone with what you put in your mouth after work outs.

5. Learn to manage your mind and the thoughts you have which can convince you that you cannot go further, are too tired, shouldn’t go and other excuses etc. Trigger that competitive attitude to and add a healthy touch of obsession to keep that goal on your mind. Therapists like me can do that.

6. Commit to some events which you have to train for such as half marathons, 10K runs, or fitness goals set up for fun at your local gym.

7. Work out with friends who can encourage you to do more than your mind says it can do. I discovered working out with people increased the amount I did around a third.

8. If you stray from your path, just get back on it, DO NOT GIVE UP, no matter what the mind says. We all wobble at times with our best intentions. No-one does it perfectly so don’t fall into that trap. You will fail at times so get over it and get on with it.

9. Tell as many people as possible what your realistic goals are, by doing this you will not want the embarrassment of failing. Get them to help and support you especially when in situations where you feel weaker than normal.

10. Start training the mind to complete other small goals in life which you might have been putting off. By doing this you raise your self esteem as you can begin to trust yourself more, the better you feel the better the journey forward.

11. Use apps on your phone like Runkeeper to record your time and distance when it comes to running, hiking, cycling etc. Work to beat them next time. Send your results to Facebook and other social media for encouragement.

Your feedback on these tips are most appreciated. Has anything else worked for you to help you reach your goals? Let us know!

This post was written by Paul (@TheLifeDoctor) .

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