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Let’s just go ahead and say it – we all love working arms.  Biceps and Triceps are two of the most noticeable muscle groups and whether you’re looking to impress the ladies or gentlemen by making those t-shirt sleeves just a little bit tighter, my next couple instructional videos are going to focus on basic weight training for arms that is highly effective and which anyone can do.

Today is all about triceps.  Since triceps account for about 2/3 of your upper arm bulk it is pretty important that they are properly developed.  I have found this exercise great for adding size.

Tricep Push Downs:

[youtube id=”i88dhK9Lngk” width=”580″ height=”337″]


Attach a rope or V-angled/bent bar to the pulley machine set to a high level.  Stand facing the machine with a very small bend forward from your hips.  Grip your rope (palms facing each other) or bar (palms facing the floor) and push the attachment towards the floor until your arms are fully extended.  If you’re using a rope the two sides will go to either side of your thighs.  The upper part of the arms and elbows should remain as stationary as possible.


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