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Ben Foden Attitude Magazine - Fitness FanBen Foden, international rugby star, husband to wife Una of the all girl band The Saturdays and cover model of this months Attitude magazine has teamed up with with German nutrition company, Multipower. Ben Foden and Mulitopwer have come up with six, ab circuit exercises that will help give you that summer washboard stomach.

Ben has played rugby for the Northampton Saints and England. His postion is fullback or scrum-half, but can also play as  wing. He scored his first  international try for England against France in the 2010. He was named the elite player squad for the 2010–11 rugby season. Later that year he cemented his place as England’s first-choice fullback, his early flirtation with scrum-half helped after some strong form. Ben was a key member of the side that beat Australia twice in 2010 and also started all of England’s Six Nations games as they came up short of a Grand Slam in 2011.

Frog sit ups

Ben Foden Frog Sit Ups - Fitness Fan Advice blogThis classic sit up is where the feet are fixed or held down on the floor.It is a great abdominal exercise but this exercise also uses the hips (hip flexors) – this is the muscle that is right at the top of the thighs – which pulls the mid section off the floor. The frog sit up, with the thighs out to the side means the hip flexors are less able to help. This helps isolate the abdominal muscles, causing them to work more.

TIP: As the abdominals are working harder and the feet are not pinned it helps to move hand position. Instead of having the hands behind the head or neck. Just hold them out over the thigh and slide them up the legs to the knees with every rep like seen in the picture.

 The russian twist

Abdominals Advice - Russian twist | Fitness Fan Training AdviceThis exercise involves twisting the torso. It is one of the main functions of the core but is often overlooked when training the ab muscles. This movement involves all of the core and helps tighten the waistline to get that ‘V look’.

TIP: In order to make the resistance  harder, hold your hand further out in front of you or hold a weight. At all times make sure you keep a strong neutral spine  where you are not arching.

Bicycle crunches

Bicycle Abs - Fitness AdviceThis is a great exercise that allows you to focus on the six pack muscles in addition with the obliques all in one go.

TIP: As with all abdominal crunch movements, avoid cranking your head forward by using your arms, and instead gently touch your finger tips on the side of your head. Your aim is to touch your knee to you elbows on every rep, but this is a challenging exercise so try not to cheat by using momentum. Keep the movement controlled.

 The Plank

Plank - Abdominals | Fitness AdviceThe plank is the ultimate  core and stability exercise, it activates and strengthens the deep abdominal core and torso muscles which act like a corset supporting the spine and drawing in all the organs for a strong, tight core.

TIP: Try to keep your lower back neutral, when you cannot do this , it is time to end the set. Rest and then start again. Less higher quality work is better than more lower quality work.

Mountain climbers

Abdominals - Moutain Climber Exercise | Fitness FanMountain climbers are great core exercises for conditioning exercise for the core, and ideal for putting into a circuit. This exercise targets the front and side of the core at the same time as training stability.

TIP: Try to think about locking your core everything in place except for the leg that is moving. In practice this will not be possible but it helps keep the hips and torso stable which trains both strength and endurance.

Flutter kicks

Flutter Kicks | Fitness Advice FanThese exercises are often neglected. They target the lower portion of the abdominal muscles. This is one of the key exercises that needs to be done in your ab circuit regime for that summer body.

TIP: try and avoid arching the lower back. For added stability, the hands can be by your side palms down or for more work raise them and your shoulders off the ground

This post was written carried out by Dane and Multipower.

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