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Ben Foden is usually caught on the Rugby pitch running past defenders and taking high balls when he’s in action for Northampton Saints and England, but we’ve got a video of him doing something completely unique. The England star has recently been given a Free running master class from the UK’s leading Free-runner, Kie Willis in which you can see Ben leaping over obstacles jumping over rails as well as practicing his standing jump. The first ‘move’ they undertake is a Monkey Vault, which is best described as the easiest way of jumping over a wall or a rail which Ben overcomes at the second attempt.

Secondly, Kie taught Ben how to complete a Lazy Vault, which further helped Ben understand how controlled your body has to be in order to undertake a move like this. Kie then went onto show Ben something related to Rugby. He taught him how to embrace impact after a fall, a move called a Break Fall. Ben had no problem completing this maneuver as it is something he is used to day in, day out on the Rugby field.

Ben then took on, which seemed to be his favourite move of the day, the front flip. Coincidentally, Ben mentioned that he had always wanted to do one of these before or after he scored a try for club or country. He then went onto say that he was too scared of dropping the ball or getting injured in the process.

Ben is always interested to see how other sportsmen approach their respective sports they play and how they avoid injuries just like Kie does.

This was an activity put together by leading sports nutrition company Multipower Sportsfood.

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