The Ben Foden New Year Workout – Part One

Tyre Flip 1 (Medium)

New Year, New You!

So you’ve over indulged during the festive season, eaten & drunk far too much. Now you’re feeling lethargic, bloated & guilty. Time to get back on it & hit your training hard.

In an exclusive two-part workout, Ben Foden takes you through some exercises that should wake up the body & give you an all over body workout.

Exercise 1 The Tyre Flip

The tyre flip is a movement that works almost the entire body and builds strength and power, especially though the legs, torso and shoulders. It’s a great conditioning exercise due to the high workload.

Tyre Flip 1 (Medium)

1. Standing about 10-12 inches behind the tyre, squat down keeping your back straight and grip underneath the tyre. Keeping your arms straight, lean into the tyre pressing your forearms and, depending on the width of the tyre, your biceps and shoulders firmly into the tyre.

Ben Foden New Year Workout

2. Lift the tyre off the floor by leaning into it and keeping your arms and back straight and braced, working purely from the legs and hips. Once the tyre is at about 45 degrees or more you can then consider using your upper body and palms to help drive it over, but the heavier the tyre the later in the movement and the more upright you should be before trying to use your arms.

Tyre Flip 3

3. Once the tyre is upright, flip it over by powering through on the top. Remember to keep your feet and ankles away from the tyre as it hits the ground as there may be some movement.

Exercise 2Sledge Hammer

Hammer strikes are a great movement for working large muscle groups and developing explosive power. Due to the high work load and the way they lend themselves to rapid reps they’re also a great conditioning tool

Sledgehammer 1 (Medium)

1. Stand in a slightly staggered boxing type stance about 1 foot in front of the tyre and hold the hammer in both hands so that the top hand – the one closest to the hammers head – is the same side as the front foot.

Sledgehammer 2 (Medium)

2. Raise the hammer above your head and leading shoulder, at this point your hands may be about a foot apart on the handle. Try to keep your feet flat on the floor, knees soft and back in a natural position, not too arched.

Sledgehammer 3 (Medium)

3. Using your abs, lats and shoulders, forcefully strike the tyre. You should also bend your knees slightly driving down onto the tyre with your whole body. As the hammer goes from above the head and shoulder bring your hands together on the handle.

Try to aim for the same spot on the tyre, one that gives a controlled small rebound, this is usually 1/3 of the way from the outside edge to the inner rim. Keep control of the hammer at all times being careful not to bring the hammer anywhere near the lower legs or feet.

Exercise 3 Keg walk

The keg walk involves moving an object that’s an awkward shape and contains an unstable water load, this means that it is hard work and requires a lot of effort from the body.

Kegwalk 1 (Medium)

1. Squat down and take hold of the keg with both hands (note: you may require gloves for this depending upon the design of the keg). Keep a natural curve in the spine as you would for any lifting movement.

Kegwalk 2 (Medium)

2. Lift the keg up by keeping your torso and shoulders firm and working from the legs and hips. In order to get the keg out of the way of the thighs so you can easily walk, use a slight hip thrust and pull with the shoulders and arms to raise the keg up to waist level.

Kegwalk 3 (Medium)

3. Begin walking using slightly smaller steps than your normal stride and being sure to keep the keg as steady as possible at the waist. Pay close attention to you balance as the load moves. Try not to lean over but rather keep you back straight against the load.

Part Two will be published on New Year’s Day. Happy New Year from all of us at Fitness Fan.

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