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Whether you’re a seasoned gym pro or you’re just beginning your training programme, your choice of workout venue will often have a huge impact on how successful your foray into the world of fitness will be. Ensuring you find the right gym for you can be your key to honing that healthy body you’ve always wanted, so take a look some of the world’s best for some inspiration…

Blending first rate training facilities with architectural triumph and remarkable locations, some of these gyms offer training grounds that anyone would be happy to work their socks off in. So have a read, get some inspiration and book some flights.

The gym with intelligent thinking

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Photo: The Library

For those who find it difficult to squeeze some gym time into their diaries, Notting Hill’s The Library offers the chance to maximise your workout through clever, tailored training techniques. Having invested in one of the latest exercise trends, High Intensity Training, the gym is ideal for quick bursts of exercise followed by some rest in the relaxation areas. Members here see results in just 15 minutes of training per visit, which you can follow with a de stressing session of boxing, pilates or yoga.

The gym’s most unique feature is its setting, surrounded by ancient books and stylish art work, with a reading room complete with plush arm chairs and a pool table.

The gym offering an exotic experience

Exotic Best Gym - Fitness Fan

Photo: Tiger

 Set amidst three acres of lush, tropical rainforest, Phuket’s Tiger Muay Thai offers intense fitness and cross training like you’ve never experienced before. The ideal destination for a boot camp fitness kick, this gym guides its members in a number of disciplines, from Muay Thai, self defense and Krabi Krabong, to traditional Western style boxing, yoga and Muay Boran.

Guests staying at the Tiger can expect some unforgettable fitness experiences, such as training on the sands of Nai Harn Beach, and running up Nakkerd Hills to the infamous Big Buddha landmark… well worth the flight to Thailand.

The gym with the slickest offerings

Employees at the Nike World Headquarters (feature image) definitely have plenty of perks in their jobs, with access to one of the most notorious employee fitness facilities on the planet. Spread across a huge 190 acres, this hyper-gym is equipped with some impressive training grounds, from the Lance Armstrong Fitness Center to the Ronaldo Athletic Field, giving you the chance to enjoy everything from swimming, tennis and racquetball, to basketball, volleyball and climbing.

Keen athletics fans can pound the path of the Michael Johnson Running Track, which was made using 50 thousand recycled Nike trainers from the companies Reuse-A-Shoe scheme.

The gym with the atmosphere

Worlds Best Gyms

Photo by Dan Forer

Many of us like to match our heart pumping exercise to some beat thumping music, and there is no better place to do this than at the David Barton Gym in Florida’s Miami Beach. Featuring live DJs, interior spaces any design magazine would be proud of, and a host of state of the art cardio and strength training equipment, this gym is blends the style of a Miami nightclub with the fast pace of the workout world.

The gym that gets results

Gym and Fitness

Photo by Architecture3s

Training ground to some of the most successful athletes in the world, Athletes’ Performance is one of the leaders when it comes to tactical training and elite performance. This impressively equipped gym not only hones the fitness programmes of the world’s elite, but it also fine tunes nutritional habits and offers physical therapy and sports massage.

Successfully producing athletes for the NFL and NBA first round picks each year, this gym is the mecca when it comes to the world’s sports elite.