BodyExpo 2015


On Sunday the 17th of May I was given a great opportunity to attend the UK’s biggest Sport, Fitness and Nutrition Event at the N.E.C in Birmingham – BODYPOWER EXPO 2015! Started in 2009, BodyPower has grown into the most celebrated and all-embracing fitness event in the UK, uniquely inspiring and motivating almost 80,000 plus health and fitness enthusiasts over a three relentless day period.

Not only is BodyPower open for all UK residents it also welcomes visitors and athletes from over 100 countries and is considered the staple event for the international fitness market! This year, a staggering number of visitors from across the globe made their way to what is now growing into one of the world’s biggest highlights of the year for the fitness industry.


So what does it offer us?

For any fitness enthusiast – be it fans of powerlifting, gymnastics, bodybuilding and so on, you are provided with a premier visitor experience by having the opportunity to listen to talented international stars, athletes and celebrities sharing their personal knowledge as well as giving us a chance to meet and great our favourite role models. This year the likes of Hulk Hogan, Steve Cook, Phil Heath, Lorraine Pascale, Brian Shaw, Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler topped the bill with their appearance. Not only will meeting your idol be worth the journey, BodyPower expertly hand-picks renowned industry professionals to give presentational talks and ‘Q and A’ sessions in order to educate, inform and increase our awareness of the science behind training, nutrition as well as up-coming fitness events. Amongst these enlightening speakers, you will be surrounded by an extensively thriving exhibition full of fitness driven exhibitors handing out free incentives and goodies to all! And of course not to forget the entertaining interactive exercise challenge areas open to everybody willing to take part along with the national competition sections where you are able to watch your favourite athletes in competition with you – the Joe public!


Sound like something you’d love to be a part of? … Read on to hear about my personal experience and who I was lucky enough to meet and what goodies I came back with!           

Upon entering you clearly see the massive hype that is plastered across every individual’s face and their particularly vibrant body language; with clearly freshly tanned skin and prepped muscular physiques even the visitors of this expo have made a great effort in preparation to see some of their most favoured bodybuilding stars and fitness fanatics. Walking in, I was stunned to see the size of the arena and realised how big this expo really was – I couldn’t wait to get started!

I was most interested in attending the interactive theatres which held talks and Q&A session with athletes and the small seminars held by the likes of Zoe Smith, Calum Van Moger, Kai Green and many more. This was a great opportunity to gain an understanding of athletes’ training, conditioning, nutrition and tips that they gladly shared and was also a favoured time for me to meet and greet these stars. An outstanding learning environment was created by BodyPower and it allowed the everyday visitor to discover and explore new aspects to their personal training and nutrition; including seminars about: IIFUM Vs Clean Eating, Hypertrophy and Biomechanics discussions, Glutes for the summer for the ladies, Bikini Competition Tips, and so on.

BodyPower also welcomed over 350 exhibitors to the event – many of which brought along their sponsored athletes. From fitness apparel brands to nutritional supplement suppliers, much of the floor space was covered with countless of businesses offering FREE samples, running demos and holding competitions for visitors to get involved in!

The best nutritional booths that I would recommend from my visit were: R-bar by Reflex Nutrition, CNP, Super Vitality, Dr Zak’s High Protein Bread, Gaspari Nutrition and Quest Nutrition. With all these handing out amazing free samples, bars and protein shakes!




The best fitness apparel booth that enticed me was Man Up Gym Gear with their extravagantly brightly coloured women’s training gear and quirky motto vest featuring such slogans as: ‘Shut up and squat’, ‘I don’t sweat I sparkle’ and ‘Squats are a gain in the ass’. All of their clothing has clear, simple designs and are made from functional material that is perfect to train in. Stand out and express your individuality with Man Up gym gear!

The best booths for competition and challenges were: Best Life Booth and Gaspari Nutrition which was where I entered the full-range dip to failure competition and the bicep curl and press-up pyramid set challenge! These intense exercise segments were fantastic to get involved in as not only were you cheered on by many sponsored athletes and exhibitors, a crowd of passionate and motivating enthusiasts gathered to help encourage your efforts in competing! Elements such as winners will receive £250 worth of supplements and goodie bags just for entering the competitions were also impressive incentives to join in.

One key area I enjoyed the most was the British Powerlifting zone. Set out in the centre of the N.E.C were several Olympic bar areas that gave you the opportunity to have a one to one coaching session with a British powerlifting coach! It was a great opportunity to be taught by the very top coaches and they helped improve technique and execution of any exercise that you wanted to learn more about – for example: Clean and Jerk, Snatch, Squat, etc.

With a live cooking kitchen, fitness model competition (on a brightly lit main stage), kickboxing, Parkour, bodybuilding and strongman all on offer to explore covering almost 600,000 square feet of floor space, the exhibitors were clearly organised and really open to pushing the boundaries on what they had to offer the fitness industry.


BodyPower Expo aims to teach, educate, motivate and inspire everyday fanatics into achieving their individual goals and personal successes. I had a blast at my first ever time at BodyPower Expo and would definitely recommend it to any keen fitness, sport or nutrition fan! BodyPower will be back around before we know it in 2016 so keep a look out on their social media handles (@BodyPowerExpo) and website: for further information.



I’m sure BodyPower 2016 will be their biggest Expo yet!