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Do you have something you think Fitness Fan would be interested in and enjoy? Great, let’s talk about it – simply  Contact Us  to reach to the team.  Once in contact we will send you an address for all Products Reviews.

Here at Fitness Fan, we do things differently!  We will spend time with each product, often we will ask members of Fitness Fan team for their thoughts and feedback.  We would like our readers to know if the product will make their lifestyle and fitness regime in some way. We   will  also  examine the suited  fitness  niche, fitness level and type of activity which is best suited for the product. As some products are only used in certain sports.

Our Reviews are Honest, Fun, Informative!

We do hope you will submit your product for review, because we love having fun, cool, funky fitness products.  We often spend a week with a product, to use  it, we will  take photos, if necessarily. We may request a long time than a week if we feel that would be beneficial for the review.

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The good news for you is that our reviews are heavily marketed in numerous social media channels – beyond just appearing on our site, which will help spread the word and appeal to our various readership.

We NEVER charge any fees to do a review.

Of course, all the above is only good news for you if your product is good!  However, if your product does suck, we will tell the truth – which is exactly why people love our reviews (as they are honest).

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