Dane – Director & Founder

I grew up in Zimbabwe, before moving to the United Kingdom for university where I studied Sports and Exercise Science BSc (Hons) at the University of Chichester. It was on the course that I developed a newfound confidence for fitness and where I met Hayley.

The degree itself covered an array of sports and fitness components. Varying from anatomy, kinesiology and physiology to psychology of athletes in a sporting environment. Modules also included nutrition, biochemistry, bioenergetics as well as sports and injury prevention, sports marketing and sports in extreme environments.

After a rather traumatic birth in Zimbabwe, I was diagnosed with Cerebral Palsy from an early age. Affecting the lumbar spine, I am very fortunate on how mild the disability is. Exercise and physiotherapy have always played a major part in my life, as well as being encouraged to be fit and active. While my siblings competed in most sports (and won) during my childhood, I was continuously motivated and inspired by them to always try and never give up. In 2001 I undertook major surgery on my back and knees and came out stronger than before. I went on to complete my IGCSE’s in Zimbabwe before moving to Chichester in the UK due to the political situation. Here I gained my Fitness Instructors and Personal Training Qualification while finishing off my A Levels, which included Sports and PE. Uni was the next stop.



After university, I fell into digital marketing and combined my online and social knowledge with my degree to create a fitness and wellness resource. It’s aim was to bring news, reviews,  trends and tips on anything fitness related.