Daniel Hollams – StrongerPT1 Interview


Name: Dan Hollams

Age: 41 this year

Height: 186.5cm

Weight: 88kg

Gym: Gymbox Holborn

Twitter: @strongerpt1



When did you first start training?

When I was 17, but not consistently until I was 21

How often do you train?

I exercise daily, weights 6 days a week and ‘cardio only’ 1 day

How long do you train for?

Working in a gym environment is a luxury, so potentially a little longer than I would advise others. But a basic workout is 90mins weights and 30mins cardio.

What are your goals?

Stay strong and healthy into old age 😉 Meanwhile keep size and stay lean (fighting genetics 😉 )

Which is your favourite muscle group to train?

Previously I would have answered this question with a muscle group that responded easily to training. But since the beginning of last year, the year I was going to hit 40, I decided to invest more time in my lagging areas, and make them my favourites. So chest and legs are DEFINITELY my favourites, and the results have made them become my favourite body parts to train genuinely 😉

Can you talk through your weekly workout?

Monday – Legs – Hypertrophy

Tuesday – Shoulders with 3 Arm exercises

Wednesday – Back with 3 Chest exercises

Thursday – Legs – Strength

Friday – Arms  with 3 Shoulder exercises

Saturday – Chest with 3 Back exercises.

Sunday – 45-60mins of cardio


Do you follow a particular diet?

Moderation in all things. I try to keep fuel my body for exercise, with a reduction in energy intake at night. I train mornings, so that suits my eating plan well.  I have a sweet tooth, so my biggest challenge is avoiding too many treats. With that in mind, back to my original statement. Moderation in all things 😉

What supplements so you take?

Pre workout, protein post workout. No particular brand preferences, just what works and is cost effective.

What music do you listen to when training?

Progressive House, and very sad songs excellently remixed!

Who do you look up to or admire?

My husband. Shows me time and time again that a good heart and kindness are not made in the gym, and are worth more than all the aesthetics we can muster ourselves

What is you best achievement?

One of my proudest achievements is changing my career path at 28 and studying Sports Science and becoming an accredited Exercise Physiologist. Working to help people who would otherwise avoid or be unable to exercise has shown me that bringing exercise to everyone, not just the skilled and super fit, is where its at.  Helping people find their niche, their passion for an exercise option that they can enjoy for life, its pretty cool

 What advice would you give anybody who wants to start training?

Find something you love. Failing that, find an exercise option you don’t hate Exercise is medicine, and it is something we need to do daily, to live a long and health life. So with that in mind, something you enjoy daily becomes a pleasure, rather than a chore