Do I Need To Go To The Gym?

Do I Need to Gym?

Maybe it’s just me but I don’t see the point of going to the gym and:

Just sit there reading books or magazine whilst doing as little as possible,
Using machines as work stations to send emails, texts and chat on Facebook,
Sat there just watching television in a trance and not even bothering to work out.

How is this fair on people who really want to use these machines properly especially in busy times? Do I need to go to the gm?

Fitness Suite - Fitness FanIt’s a growing issue, as over a third of people who go to the gym don’t even break a sweat and over a quarter of gym goers admit spending more time in the sauna or jacuzzi than working out. Some people say they are too embarrassed to even sweat! Women being the biggest culprits as they want a gorgeous and slim body but research shows that also don’t to mess up their hair or smudge makeup! More research from Kettler shines light on why this may be happening as 1 in 10 people also admitted they only joined the gym to hopefully meet a partner, hence why looking knackered isn’t on the cards.

It’s a shame that the gym which can be very costly isn’t utilised as it could be and I believe that there are a few other factors to consider:

  • These people don’t have proper goals in mind.
  • They have not had training to help reach those goals.
  • They don’t know how to use the machines or weights properly.
  • They believe the mind when it says it cannot be bothered or is too tired.
  • They become too self important and therefore cannot do anything which might draw unwanted attention them.
  • They bumble half heartedly from goal to goal hoping things will sort themselves out all by themselves.
  • They give up as the results are not happening despite all those gym visits (not doing much).

Does the above sound familiar?

These are all issues which can be overcome, especially when research shows that people would love to be healthier, fitter and have bodied which are more toned and supple.

Working out your what your priorities is a great thing to do. Whilst looking for a partner maybe high on the list, is getting rid of the muffin top a better option for now?

Coaching is invaluable to work out your priorities when it comes to living a happier more fulfilled life. If you just want to be happier but have no idea how to get there then you need help refocusing how you see life and change the order of whats’s important. The next steps in coaching help you get to your goals more realistically, the effect on self esteem and self worth when moving forward is priceless and helps you feel even more motivated in making your goals work for you.

  • Coach your mind with a therapist
  • Coach your body with a Personal trainer

No more time wasted in the gym as life’s too short for that.

This post was written by Paul (@TheLifeDoctor) .

The Life Doctor is a Therapy Clinic based in Brighton and Hove focuses on using proactive therapies such as hypnotherapy, IEMT, NLP, Life Coaching Counselling, Mindfulness, EFT and MET to change your issues quickly, thoroughly and as successfully, helping achieve great results including fitness, training and well-being.