Donna Klander Interview

Donna Klander Interview and FItness Fan

donna-klander-wbff - Fitness Fan Name: Donna Klander

Nickname: DonnaKWBFF

Age: 33

Height: 5’4”

Weight: 52kg off season/ 49kg competition weight

Sponsored by:FirstProtein®

Twitter: @womensnutrition



When did you first start training?

I started weight training in 2011 after being shown a training programme by a fitness professional called Jaime Eason. Ever since then I realised how much I enjoy lifting weights.

How often do you train?

I train 5 days a week out of competition season but leading up to a competition I will weight train for 5 days and still do cardio on the other 2 days.

How long do you train for?

Normally for 1 hour or again leading up to a competition it can be for 2.5 hours broken up into weight and cardio sessions.

What are your goals?

At the moment I am training to gain some more muscle on my shoulders and legs before I enter the next WBFF competition in 2014.

wbff Donna Klander

Which is your favourite muscle group to train?

I love training my legs it’s such a powerful muscle group.

Can you talk through your weekly workout?

I only do a set workout for around 4 weeks at the most, I like to change it up a bit as I believe your body can get used to what you are doing hindering any progress that you’d want to make. Generally I will train more of the muscle group I want to make the biggest progress in. So, for example at the moment I am training legs twice a week.

Do you follow a particular diet?

I eat a high protein diet accompanied with lots of vegetables and complex carbohydrates like sweet potato and oats.

What supplements so you take?

I put  FirstProtein® BTTB Choco Crème into my oats and also have protein shakes. Also a good multivitamin.

What music do you listen to when training?

I have to listen to something upbeat, dance and running tracks are great!

Donna Klander - Fitness Fan

Who do you look up to or admire?

In July I attended a Masterclass at in Covent Garden run by Juliana Conci-Mitchell, Susie Woffenden and Mirella Clark these ladies all compete within the WBFF, the Incorporation I competed with last month. They all have amazing physiques, are great business women and three of the nicest people I have been lucky enough to have met.

What is your best achievement?

My greatest achievement would be having my four gorgeous children. My best achievement came after meeting Nyisha Jordan WBFF Pro at Fibo in Germany in April we talked about me competing as a Bikini competitor with the WBFF. I committed to competing which entailed 16 weeks of diet and training preparation and I finally competed last month, which for me was a huge achievement just to step up on that stage in front of 1800 people at the Indigo2 in London. Here is a little clip of me on stage .

 What advice would you give anybody who wants to start training?

The best advice would be to set a goal and a time frame you would like to achieve that goal within. I also find things more achievable if I have a goal to work towards.