Eisberg Wine Review


Diets, low-carbs, Cardio are all words that come to mind when the summer body is being achieved. Its not easy to cut all luxuries out of our life when trying to achieve these goals. But in doing so we are constantly reminded the amount of sugar/ calorie intake which we consume. in each glass never mind the effects it will have on my training and the following day.


Eisberg is a new brand which produce different non-alcoholic wines but without the calories or morning after feeling!!!! My first thought about an alcohol free wine is that it would taste like vinegar! I don’t know why, I think it’s a perception many of us have but I was quite surprised when I did taste it.



Eisberg non-alcoholic wine is produced in the same way and quality as all other wines but it has the alcohol removed at the last stage. As a wine connoisseur (or as much as I try to be!!) I was able to distinguish the delightful taste of the tropical fruits which did not overbear the taste. Admittedly you could tell there was a difference between that and an alcoholic drink but that isn’t what Eisberg are trying to mask.


Its main selling point within the sports industry is that it only contains 28 calories per 125ml serving and having no more that 0.05%  of alcohol. Knowing that it also  has a pleasant taste and and only costing £3.49 

This post was written by Paul