Federica Gianni Interview

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Name: Federica Gianni

Nickname: Kikka

Age: 36

Height: 171

Weight: 65kg

Sponsored by: Multipower . Brand ambassador : Fitness First UK, Yogangsters, Dr V Wong, Prepped & Packed, Slendertone.

 Twitter: @kikka_g

When did you first start training?

My background is in dance, I started ballet when I was 5 years old. I am also Karate black belt since I was 16 years old. I have been managing  Health & Fitness Clubs and Leisure Centres for over 13 years so the gym has been my second home for most of my adult life, but I started training with the aim to compete about 3 years ago when I was working at Reebok Sports Club and met Ulisses and Roger Snipes. Roger became my coach and as my body started changing so did my whole life.

How often do you train?

6 days a week


 How long do you train for?

1 hour , I often train twice a day


What are your goals?

My goals have recently changed since I decided not to compete anymore. Right now I want an aesthetic, sustainable, strong, feminine physique ….. Not much! I’m currently on a ongoing plan with Ulisses, 8 weeks at the time. Trying to work on proportions and strength.

Which is your favourite muscle group to train?

Back!!! I love training Back!!


Can you talk through your weekly workout?

6 days a week, split muscle groups, I hit legs twice a week.

I train abs first, then the main workout, then cardio ( mainly HIIT ).

I also do Hot Yoga, Boxing and just got back to Ballet.


Do you follow a particular diet?

I am following Ulisses diet plan at the moment but I’m generally very relaxed about food. I’m Italian … I like to eat!

There’s a lot of carbs in my plan so I’m a happy lady right now!


What supplements do you take?

BCAA, L-Carnitine,Whey protein, Spirulina, BComplex, Zinc, Magnesium, D3, Vitamin C and just started taking creatine, I also drink Skinade everyday.

What music do you listen to when training?

TRAP Music- it’s the best for training, it really gets me in that zone!

 Who do you look up to or admire?

Ulisses, his work ethic is second to none. Also I absolutely love Ben Pakulski and in the dance world I adore Sylvie Guillem.

 What is you best achievement?

There are a lot of things I’m proud of , I think leaving Italy at 22 and building a career in a foreign country is quite an achievement. Also leading one of the largest PT teams in the UK.

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What advice would you give anybody who wants to start training?

Just believe in yourself. You can. And don’t rush things, don’t stress….