Finding the motivation to train

Like most people, the hardest  part of working out for me was in fact getting into the gym. Once you are there, it gets easier. You have to be motivated not only to workout, but to also get there in the first place. The hard fact is we make time for whats important to us, so if training is important. Make the time. Like most people this is very difficult for me. Its getting into this routine which is the hardest part, it is also not helped when only met with little or no gains. Or so you think… it has been scientifically proven that the first three to four weeks of any training program for beginners starts with internal changes with your organs adapting  (e.g heart getting bigger to pump blood around the body when it responds to training). Its in these vital weeks that it is so easy to give up.

After three weeks you will start feeling fitter and depending on how committed you are, you will start seeing results. When you make major gains after a year or so, then you find it easier to get motivated if only to say, I’ve come too far to turn back now.  However, is not a good reason to get motivated, in my opinion. You have to love the time in the gym…. enjoy it and not think of it as a chore or bore.  Usually, after you make gains, your whole attitude changes and you really begin to think more positively.

Attitude is a little thing that makes a big difference” Winston Churchill

Once you get to a point where training become autonomous  your attitude will help not only going to the gym, but the psychological barriers you might face. There is no thinking involved in the decision. Time must be made and I must be motivated to do so. Another obstacle that deters motivation is to overcome what I like to call blaming genetics. Many people simply believe that their body cannot build. They think it is not genetically possible. It is true that different people have different body-types, heights, and shapes, but everyone can build muscle. You just need to set realistic goals and your body will respond. It is genetically impossible not to be able to. Your body is built to adjust to its environment. It is simply a matter of knowledge, understanding, and patience. This is where your attitude to training become crucial.  Furthermore, the more you view and research training, the more than just hard work, but as a hobby.

These are my golden rules: The gym must be a place that you enjoy. It must be part of your lifestyle. Each individual has a different aim or ambition. In order to achieve the best results possible follow these simple rules and advice

  • Short but sweet: intense but effective workouts
  • Eating healthy : Food is fuel, the better the quality the better your performance
  • Adapting workouts to your lifestyle
  • Bigger isn’t always better: Its all about the technique, technique, technique!
  • It’s your time, your money! The more organised and effective the better the results
  • What you put into fitness, you will get out!

Most important keep going! If you miss one day, that’s a day you have missed getting closer to your goal.  Never give up (easier said than done) but remember, this is YOUR lifestyle … YOUR Goals … YOUR Dream.