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FIex Fitbit PinkThe Fitbit Flex has changed my life in the last week. If there is any fitness gadget I would recommend it would be this. I have chosen the electric Pink Flex which is going to be very  hard to disguise with outfits, but due to the fact is has teamed up with Breast Cancer Care  UK. So whats a bit of outfit clashing when its for a great cause?

FitBit have pledged to raise £10,000 to help support awareness for Breast Cancer (How cool?). Each pink Flex purchased in the UK through the end of the year contributes £3.07 plus VAT to Breast Cancer Care. So although this little (and I mean little) gadget stands out. It stands out for a great cause. And if I am honest, I am starting to like the fact it stands out so I can tell everybody who asks what exactly it is and what this little gadget does!

Breast Cancer - Flex Fitbit

Fully charged, I strap it to my wrist and begin my day. This very slim, stylish and PINK device tracks steps, distance, and calories burned. At night, it tracks your sleep patterns and quality and wakes you silently in the morning by vibrating on your wrist. Double click the Flex to see how far you off from your goal by the number of lights you have gained.

The Fitbit Flex is an activity-tracking wristband  by industry standards that monitors the wearer’s steps taken throughout the day, miles or km walked, time that they are active, calories burned and even their sleep patterns.


Fitbit Flex - Fitness Fan

If ever you need motivation to kick start your life, get fit or tone your tummy. This is the gadget.

Its this simple:

  • Track
  • Sync (seconds)
  • See and compare
  • Repeat – (and make fitness friends on the App.)

The results are shown in a clear and simple manner. The Desktop version shows progress in a graphical form while the App shows date in a numerical one.

You can add calories by adding food intake via My Fitness Pal.

Fitbit has announced the new Fitbit Force. This gadget will display data on the wristband and shows the time (calorie counting watch). I am first in line for this little gizmo if it is anything like the Flex while telling the time.