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Fitness Friday #FridayFollow #FitFam

The  Fitness Fan Family, have decided to give you a weekly roundup of all things fitness related. From Friday Follows to Fartleck training and everything in between.

Fitness Fan Featured #FridayFollow #FitFam

Faya - Fitness On Toast Name: Faya

Twitter: @FitnessOnToast

Bio: Swedish personal trainer and fitness blogger (Fitness on Toast) based in London’s West End. I started Fitness On Toast in January 2013, initially as an honest place to share healthy recipes.


Five Fitness Facts by Fitness Fan

  1. Can’t sleep?
  2. Michelle Mone’s Diet
  3. Pure Gym is the biggest gym chain in the UK
  4. Walk faster
  5. Drinking kills – Fact!

Word of the Week

Impetus: a force; stimulus; impluse

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