Fitness Friday

Fitness Friday #FridayFollow #FitFam

The  Fitness Fan Family, have decided to give you a weekly round-up of all things fitness related. From Friday Follows to Fartleck training and everything in between.

Fitness Fan Featured #FridayFollow #FitFam

Name: Tom WrightTom Wright

Twitter:  @TomWright_Fit

Bio: Personal training and online coaching. Reflex Nutrition sponsored athlete. Played rugby once. 


Five Fitness Facts By Fitness Fan

  1.  Want to live longer? Read this
  2. Jawbone goes contactless!
  3. Are you squatting right?
  4. Wise words from John Cena
  5. Like dancing and Madonna….. welcome to Voguercise!

 Word of the Week

 Aestheticsa set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty.

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