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One habit at a time

How many times have you decided to go on a health kick? You have embarked on a restrictive diet plan or hit the gym every day for two weeks before crashing and burning only to end up right where you started! Firstly you should pat yourself on the back for having good intentions to change and for giving it a go however you have most likely tried to change too much too soon.

When it comes to the practicalities of change you must take baby steps in order to ensure you achieve sustainable results. Starting with an extreme approach will in most cases only lead to disappointment. As the expression goes you must learn to walk before you can run. If so far this resonates with you or makes you think of someone who falls in to the above category then the following might be useful.



Rather than trying to give your lifestyle a complete overhaul start with one habit at a time, one month at a time! This way you can direct all your energy on ensuring this one change can really become a habit.

  • Select one habit ( per month only ) preferably start with the habit that you feel will have the biggest impact on you and your lifestyle
  • Write down your plan and state exactly, what your goal will be day to day, when you will do it and who you will tell
  • If you are comfortable with it then tell some people your goal such as friends or family. Online forums can also be good for this if you don’t feel like sharing with people close to you
  • Report your daily progress and if you are happy to do so report to the same people/forum you initially told

When making a change to your life whether it be to eat breakfast every day, build muscle or eat more vegetables it is progressive change you are looking to achieve and to avoid absolute failure. Research shows that when you focus on one habit per month you have an 80% chance of succeeding however adopting two habits per month can lead to only a 20% success rate.  So it is vital you tackle one habit at a time.

If there are exercise and good nutrition habits you would like to achieve and are struggling to make a plan or know where to start then hiring a personal trainer with good nutritional knowledge can be useful to help facilitate these changes.

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