Fitness is a lifestyle not a 12 week deadline!

Fitness and Goals

Fitness is lifestyle and not a 12 week workout plan!

The majority of people that go to the go gym because they have decided that they want to transform their bodies. This can be a New Year’s resolution, doctors orders or they decided that they have had enough and want to make a change. The lyrics of “Man In The Mirror” by Michael Jackson spring to mind. But then, there are those that have decided that going to gym is cool, because so and so does it, or so and so goes. Yes, we have all seen them, there for the social or with their mates, not really having the faintest idea what to do.

Now let me clarify one thing right away, anybody who makes a conscious effort to lead a healthier lifestyle, weather thats going to the gym with your friends, we applaud you. Well done and keep it up, I am not having a rant, putting you down or going to think any different of you, except maybe give you some advice.

During the years that I’ve been working in a gym and working out, I’ve seen all difrrent body shapes and sizes, from young to old and tall to short, not to mention the transformations. There have been people who used to be large or unhappy with their bodies but now have pretty aesthetic bodies. And visa versa, those guys that were toothpicks but now look like they could out bench everyone else up in the gym.

But, something very strange had happened though with those certain people. Those who had made lil steps to their fitness regime, and soldiered were one group of the newbies. It was this bunch of people that after a few months, had started getting a bit more confident and had taken initiative on adapting workouts. The type of people that were starting mingle and chat with the gym staff and fellow members.

There however, was another group people, the ones that didn’t come as regular.There were times that they’d come once a week on a Monday but disappeared for the rest of the week. They would have unstructured training, or train a different number of days each week.

Fitness & Lifestyle - was after about a couple months later that you started seeing them again.If you ask them, from my experience over the years, they will say “I took a (insert number here) month break from working out. I lost/gained (insert number here) pounds since I started my 8-week program, and I got satisfied with my results and stopped. But now I’m back to the starting blocks and am giving gym another go.

There are countless men and women of all ages who have this kind of mindset. In fact, it happens to millions of people who “go on” a workout/diet program. It starts on a Monday and is always only a challenge in their eyes.  They do the program, lose or gain the weight they want, get satisfied, then stop. Its these people who are very unhappy about their bodies.

What causes so many people to have so much motivation in the beginning but then burn out just as quickly in the end? Why do so many people reach their fitness goals but struggle to maintain them?

Its simple, Fitness is not a 12 week program. It is a way of life. Going to the gym does not automatically make you fit, its makes you healthier (Thats if you don’t muck around and train correctly) Its just a part of the mix. Yes, its great people have made the effort, but when the effort goes, so does their challenge and goals. It’s the simple Use It Or Lose It Theory.

A lot of people fail to realize that once you get in great shape, it’s easy to stay in great shape. It’s even easier to reach to your ultimate goal of looking better and better year after year if you stay consistent instead of “taking a break” here and there. It’s all in your mindset.

Looking good forever will always be better than looking good just for 12 weeks. Fitness is a lifestyle, so you have to hit the gym hard every time you go, look at your diet, make sure you not over compensating on things and enjoy yourself.

Remember,Rome wasn’t built in a day and neither was the next cover model you see. It was built, with consistency, will power and determination. One rep at a time!

This article has been written by Dane of Fitness Fan