Four Fitness Apps You Need

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One of the major areas that has benefited from new technologies is fitness training. Whilst personal trainers and controlled programs remain an integral part of keeping fit, there are an increasing number of mobile phone applications, or ‘apps’, that allow you to monitor what you eat, your fitness regimen, and to help track your progress. This article features four of the most popular apps and websites, showing how they work and how you can apply them to your own training and fitness programs.


Fitocracy - Fitness Fan

This free app is available for iPhone, iPad or Android devices, and has a unique method of monitoring your progress – it offers a reward system to help keep you motivated as you work out or train. Simply post details of every exericse or activity you take part in, and the app assigns reward points accordingly. As you gain points, you can “level up”, much like a video gamer, and gain badges and rewards for passing milestones.

The app also provides graphs and charts to help track your progress, and provides built-in advice and suggested activities from a worldwide network of coaches and fitness specialists. Fitocracy has a strong social media element, allowing you to link up with other like-minded individuals and even post challenges. With Facebook groups offering support and advice, and the chance to share your own experiences and tips with thousands of other users, this is a great way to make fitness fun.


Another great free app available on many platforms, Myfitnesspal takes the hard work out of calorie counting. It can often be a tricky task to total up a daily calorie intake, but with

Myfitness pal, you can simply scan the barcode of any product before consumption and the app will work out the calories automatically from a built-in database of millions of foodstuffs and products. The app allows you to keep a diary of your food intake, enter recipes and meal plans, and share progress with your friends on social media. It is available in multiple languages.

Described as the world’s leading bodybuilding website, is a one-stop shop for fitness and nutritional advice, supplements, workout plans and much more. There are a number of workout plans devised by experts and available on site; you can even customise your own unique plan. The site includes articles and features on all aspects of working out and fitness, and there is a large online community accessible via the forum. The site also provides access to the BodySpace app.


Created by, BodySpace is a workout app that allows you to build and design fitness and bodybuilding routines. You can add whatever types of equipment or weights you need, use routines and programs suggested by community members and experts, and store and recall previous workouts. In addition to the fitness tracker, the app is specially created to link with an exercise database, advice on supplements and nutrition, and has a range of outlets and shops allowing you to order foods, accessories and supplements quickly and easily.