Gold’s Gym Wear


Wearing comfortable clothing is always an important factor when you training. We recently had the opportunity of testing and trailing some Gold’s Gymwear, sent to us from the lovely people at Anax Fitness.

For those of you who do not know what Gold’s Gym is, it is an American chain of international gyms originally started in Venice Beach, California by Joe Gold in 1965. Each gym features a wide array of exercise equipment, group exercise classes and personal trainers to assist clients. It now has gyms around the world and is one of the most iconic brands in the bodybuilding world.

I tried on on of there top selling hoodies, which is the Gold’s Gym Muscle Joe Tri-blend Hoodie in grey. The Gold’s Gym Tri-Blend hoodie is a light weight hoodie which is great for working out in the evening, night or winter months. The fits itself is similar to a t-shirt, and the light weight hood, and elasticated wrist cuffs make it ideal for training in the outdoors. This garment is made from poly blend and high cotton thread.

The second garment I trailed was the Gold’d Gym Muscle Joe Sweat shirt, in black. This was newly launched in 2016 and is made up high quality light weight Cotton/Poly fleece back fabric. It has the the iconic Muscle Joe logo print in yellow on front. Again this is the perfect thing to have for warming up for for winter training, or leaving the gym to make sure you don’t get too cold after cooling down. The sweatshirt has a ration mix of  high quality 80% Cotton 20% Polyester that won’t lose it’s shape, so I am hoping it will last me years to come.