GoNutrition Whey 80 Protein

Go Whey 80 Nutrition

Let me start by saying; if you haven’t already go try Pancake and Maple syrup flavour whey 80. It is by far the nicest tasting I have ever had (Toss-up between that and the “Black forest gateau”)

GoNutrition are a perfect example of an experienced team putting together products for people feeling the squeeze with the current financial climate. Offering affordable and quality products in a range of unique flavours (how they managed to extract Jammie Biscuit flavour is beyond me, but it works!).

Go whey protein 80 one shot, are a quick and convenient way or getting that extra boost from a shake without having to worry about a bulky shaker and having to wash up. It’s the perfect “lazy man” shake. Whilst they may not have the highest amount of protein per serving (around 19g per 25g) it is still a very respectable amount and not one to be shunned for more popular brands achieving into the 20’s. They also have a lower level of fat and carbs per serving than many big label brands – this was on average 1.5g per 25g, and only 95 calories per serving.

Taste wise you can tell this is a quality ‘clean’ product as you get that raw protein taste and texture, not a processed bulked out product like many others in competitive range. The TripleChocolate flavour again was a lot nicer than rival range suppliers & even higher level competitors – think Lindt chocolate truffles and you’re on the right track.

Being a pre bottled powder serving I was prepared with a coil shaker on standby for the expected protein lumps. However I was surprised to say there wasn’t any. This protein is not only some of the nicest I’ve tried but also mixes with no lumps when added with milk. So far this was looking as a rival for my usual supplier.

As for the others in their range I was offered some BCAA powder. Like other products this again uses the same matrix composition as many higher priced products but for a fraction of the price! It shows that GoNutrition are focused on exactly what is best for the customer at a very reasonable price.

Taste 10/10

Price 9/10 – delivery can be a bit high on small orders

Mixability 10/10

Verdict – Unique flavours, High quality, Low cost, Brilliant Customer Service team. What’s not to love!? Highly recommend to anyone looking for more affordable products that work. Certainly one to be watched.

This product review was undertaken by  Sam Perkins (Twitter: @SamPerkins26)