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I’ve been using a variety of protein supplements for a number of years to assist with recovery from strength training. I’ve used pea protein for cooking, egg protein to supplement meals, casein before bed and a variety for whey proteins for almost anything, but I’ve never had the chance to try Good Hemp Nutrition protein.

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After being rather intrigued by how hemp protein would taste (possibly since the day heard it existed), I decided to try a vegan protein powder from Although I’m not vegan myself, I certainly see the appeal of a naturally grown, British protein shake that’s a healthy and nutritious alternative to whey.

As with all supplements the first thing I did was investigate its ingredients and nutritional value. I found it contains only around 46.2g of protein per 100g which is just over half as concentrated compared to what an average whey protein would contain. However a 40g serving would still provide over 18g of protein and after researching online, I found many other hemp nutrition proteins were as low as 30% protein due its fibrous nature and refining process. The label also revealed each 100g also contains over 12g of healthy omega fats and over 20g of fibre, both of which many people are often deficient in. Although hemp is not as absorbed into the bloodstream as fast as whey protein, it has a great amino profile (being 65% Edestin) and contains all 10 EAAs.

My first impressions of the strawberry flavour were that it didn’t taste bad at all; although the nutty aftertaste gives you the feeling the strawberry flavour is to mask a stronger underlying flavour. You can also taste the fibrous texture and whilst it won’t win any tastes awards, I thought it was nice than the pea proteins and unflavoured proteins I’ve tasted in the past.

Whilst it can be used as a post workout, I have often found myself mixing it with milk and supplementing with my post workout meal or any other meals I would like to boost my protein intake.