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As we live in a more fast paced world, it is evident that everything around us is coming more and more adapted to make your lives ever so slightly convient. Which is why we though we would look at some cool new gadgets that help out with training, diet and a healthier lifestyle.

Nike+ Fuelband

It is slick, slender and looks like some sci-fi jewellery that should be seen in Start Wars. However, there is more to this beautiful device, than meets the eye. It measures your daily exercise, giving the user a range of statistics. This little gadget purpose is more than to look like a futuristic watch, its get get people up and moving.

Nike Plus Fuel Band | Fitness FanOn the wrist with a matte-black finish its displays a LED figures. All stats can been seen by using a single button, when it is not telling the time.  It lets you see your daily progress on a bar. This bar has 20 lights which change from red to green as you get closer to reaching your goals. The techno bangle can connect via bluetooth to your smart phone, and via USB your computer. The  Nike Fuel band works in Fuel Points, which is Nike’s new currency. This calculates your activity,  by sensors which measure the intensity, length and style of your movement.

This is great for somebody trying to get into shape for the summer or just improve their fitness.

 Fitbit One

The Fitbit One, is  in other words, a pedometer which is really clever. Why? Well like most pedometers it records the steps you take, how many stairs you climbed and calorie consumption.However, it also records how many hours sleep you have had? Nifty!

So, in other words, it works out your lifestyle and makes sure you are keeping track of your overall fitness. Most people, think, well I had a run, so now I can have a piece of cake, and then wonder why they do not see weight loss. By keeping track of everything, it then uploads the data to a internet account, where you can edit and tweak the information.

This device is great for people who despite having the motivation to train, get a little sided tracked.

Run Keeper

Run Keeper, uses GPS to added runs and activity while offers a manual option too, a runners dream App This however can be for cyclists, skiers, tri-althes, hikers and many more. Once the activity  is selected, a stopwatch starts. The App will then display your stats, and even your current pace in minutes per mile.

The App is provides a map from Bing, So you can plan a route incase you decide to change your mind. You can add notes after sessions, to help you remember routes or help track progress. It offers Facebook and Twitter integration to share your data. The website and app is a great training tool for runners and many other sports for people tracking their goals.

Denon AH-W150 Earphones

Trying to bench press? Do an intense interval session on the treadmill? And you headphone wires are constantly getting in the way? No fear, the Denon Exercise Freak AH-W150 are here. The Exercise Freak headphones connect via Bluetooth to hook up to your smartphone. The Denon, offers a 7 hour battery life, which is recharged via a micro USB. Which is great for hitting a hard gym session or marathon training.

The Exercise Freak headphones are in-ear headphones, but  they do not offer loud noise levels due to the nature of runners so they can hear movement of traffic and people. These therefore might not be deal for blocking out gym noise.