Hayley – Director

I have a huge passion for anything health and fitness related and love to train hard and eat clean, with the odd cheat day here and there (or most weekends during my off season when I am not prepping for a show). I lead a very healthy lifestyle as a Physical Education teacher in a secondary school in Portsmouth, Hampshire and additionally, I am an Online Diet Coach Specialised and professional athlete.  I thoroughly enjoy reading, writing and exploring the newest dietary phenomena’s as well as creative and effective training programmes. I Studied BSc (Hons) in Sports and Exercise Science at the University of Chichester and graduated in 2011. I have learnt a great deal over my three years of studying and experienced some interesting experiments with some fantastic people around me. Not only has my degree aided my overall present fitness levels but I made some amazing friends and this is where I met a best friend of mine and The Muscle Coaches founder Dane.


Hayley Madigan Bikini Competitor

Two years ago I started my Bikini Journey, I became the UK’s UKDFBA Bikini Champion 2015 – by winning my first ever Natural Bodybuilding Bikini category competition. I then placed 1st at the WNBF (World’s Natural Bodybuilding Federation) International Championships in October 2015 and was selected to represent the UK and be part of Team UK for the WNBF World Championships which was held in Atlantic City, USA in November.

Astonishingly, I won the WNBF World Championship’s Bikini Tall category and won the Bikini Overall Title. I was then awarded my Pro Card within just 4 months of my first competition.

The WNBF is the most prestige of Natural bodybuilding Federations and is the strongest drug tested federation out there, this is why I compete within such an amazing federation; I believe hard work and determination will provide amazing results that far out way non-natural means.

At The Muscle Coaches I aim to help everyday women and men by advising you all on the best possible ways to get fitter, stronger and healthier – mentally as well as physically. I have a huge Online Client base with many women and men following their very own personalised diet plans that I create specifically for each individual. My clients get results by staying consistent and enjoying everything they eat, no low carb or fad diets just real whole foods and macro based tracking. I aim to educate all of my clients so that one day they can go it alone and be the best version of themselves by living their lives to the fullest whilst staying healthy and looking incredible!

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I am now prepping for my first show of 2017 which will be at BodyPower in May!