Healthy Chicken Recipes

Chicken Recipes by Fitness Fan

Chicken is a healthy choice for people who are interested in fitness. There is a large number of healthy chicken recipes to choose from that take next to no time to prepare to help reach your calorie count! However, most of them are bland and boring. We have made a list of simple but tasty suggestions, to give your taste buds a kick and keep you smiling!

Peanut Noodles with Chicken
For noodle lovers, this is one of the best healthy chicken recipes. It contains 500 calories and takes just twenty minutes to prepare, making this the perfect after workout meal. Peanut noodles with chicken features fettuccine combined with chicken breasts, garlic, ginger, red bell peppers, peanut butter, hoisin sauce, Asian chilli sauce, rice wine vinegar, cilantro and green onions. The dish is stir fried in dark sesame oil.

Fajita Marinade
Have healthy Fajitas and a zingy marinade to help tender the chicken with the lime juice and. Pour the mixture over the chicken, tossing the tenders to coat them evenly. Citrus fruits like limes and lemons have acids which help tenderise and break down tissue in meat. The juice acts as a tenderizer while also adding flavour. Don’t leave the chicken marinating for too long, or the lime juice will break down too much of the tissue.

Grilled Chicken Cutlets Served with Summer Succotash
This tasty recipe burns both calories and fat, making it the ideal choice for people who are trying to slim down. One of the great things about this dish is that it can be prepared in just five minutes, making this the ideal go to recipe when you have limited time. The recipe features juicy chicken cutlets combined with salt, baby lima beans, grape tomatoes, corn, grated parmesan and fresh basil cooked in olive oil and served with lemon wedges.

Saffron Chicken
This very simple dish really packs a punch and is simply bursting with flavour. Saffron chicken features saffron threads, Greek yoghurt, chicken breast halves and garlic. The dish takes just ten minutes to prepare and the saffron gives the dish a distinctive yellow colour and lots of flavour, while the yoghurt creates a deliciously creamy coating.

Healthy Chicken Recipes by Fitness Fan

South-western Chicken Roll-Ups
This simple dish is very sophisticated and is sure to be a huge hit when served at parties. Just five ingredients are used to create the dish, namely chicken breasts, picante sauce, low fat cream cheese bread crumbs with Italian seasoning and cilantro. The dish can be prepared and cooked in twenty minutes and contains 257 calories and should really be something that you are eating!

Chicken and Veggie Pita
People who are looking for the ultimate power snack are sure to love this chicken with pita dish. The recipe is as simple as the same, while also being very satisfying. To make chicken and veggie pita you need cooked chicken, baby spinach, sliced red bell pepper, low fat Italian vinaigrette and whole grain pita. The dish can be put together in just five minutes, while the 400 calories that it delivers will keep yo feeling full and satisfied for hours.

Black Bean and Chicken Chilaquiles
Add a little spice to your life with this traditional Mexican breakfast dish. The recipe features cook chicken breast combined with onion, garlic, black beans, chicken broth, corn, salsa and queso blanco served in tortillas. It takes around twenty minutes to prepare and contains a little under three hundred calories. While this dish is enjoyed throughout Mexico for breakfast, it is so tasty that you will want to eat it after a workout for the ultimate taste sensation.