Hench Nutrition Review


Hench Nutrition Review

Initially speaking to them they were very professional, order conformation was sent instantly detailing exactly what & when I could expect my delivery, which I was very impressed with. They themselves were friendly & helpful when chatting to them making it a pleasure to deal with them.

One thing that makes Hench Nutrition stand out from all the other supplement companies out there are the more unusual products that they are offering.

I ordered the following:

  1. Hench Pro Expert Whey 100%
  2. Protein Porridge Vanilla & Honey
  3. Muscle Pump Pre-Workout
  4. Protein Pizza Mix Natural
  5. Protein Hot Chocolate
  6. Protein Natural Pancake mix
  7. Pro Active whey Butter Scotch
  8. Protein Muffin Mix (Vanilla)
  9. Protein Mousse Desert Strawberry
  10. Hi Calorie Mass Gainer Strawberry

The Protein Pizza base and the Chocolate Mousse dessert mixes were very easy to make & tasted great. These types of meals are often referred to as cheat meals, however by cutting out large amounts of fat & carb content makes it a pleasure to enjoy eating them without feeling guilty! It also helps with breaking down the monotony of always eating clean, there is only so much chicken & rice one human can consumer before it becomes tiring!

Hench Nutrition ReviewOn to the taste, for the main Whey Protein I choose the standard flavour of chocolate, partly to indulge my sweet tooth but also in the past having ordered other brands of whey protein I soon learned that the taste of a shake can quickly wear off.  Personally I find Vanilla becomes bland after 2 weeks of it, but that’s my personal preference.

Down to the details. The taste is as expected, not the best I have tried although still very enjoyable & rich while not being too chalky, like so many of the other shakes on the market – which means that a high quality protein & other ingredients have been used in this product to manufacture it.

At 24g of protein per 30g serving (with water) in relation to very low carb (2g) and fat (1.6g) content this indeed is one of the leanest shakes I have tried. Perfect for individuals that aim to maintain or even put on lean mass, not so great if you’re bulking of course but you could add some malto-dextrin, which would boost the carb content as well as number of calories being consumed.

I also tried the Protein Porridge. First thoughts on this mixture were very positive with the consistency & taste both being very good. A friend & training partner laughed when I said I was using this as he said creating your own ‘protein porridge’ was easier and cheaper than buying it already made. However when attempting to add whey to porridge oats the taste & also the consistency severely suffered in my experience, so i’ll stick with this pre-made mix.

With around 30g of protein again, low fat and moderate carb count it is very helpful for those that need a quick, easy breakfast that will fall into macronutrients classes (again for those bulking add malto-dextrin or alternatively have some peanut butter toast as well!).

This review was carried out by James at Fitness Fan. (Follow him on Twitter @_jarmes)