HI PRO Peanut Butter Review


HI Pro is a new brand of peanut butter, which has 33% of protein in every serving!!! After a review of Hi Pro I definitely became a fan.

Hi Pro 1

Firstly when I tried HI PRO in comparison to off the shelf brands it quickly became apparent to be a win win choice. I found that the texture to be smoother and the taste not as rich which dangerously made it a lot easier to eat.

When comparing to other brands not only does it have 33gm of protein per 100 grams but also all the protein is sourced from peanuts and not other extracts such as whey or soy.

This means that your body is getting essential nutrition rich with protein.

Containing 33% protein every serving (25% more than most mainstream peanut butters), Hi-PRO’s great tasting range of crunchy and smooth peanut butters has been specifically created for those who train. If you don’t want a heart attack don’t look at the fat content but for some people this high content is exactly needed. Myself being one of these people.

Hi Pro

HI Pro is a new brand, which I can add to my shakes and meals to help keep my protein intake higher,

I would rate HI Pro 4/5. It is slightly expensive but then again it has entered a league of its own which will only lead to more competition.

This post was written by Paul.