How Much Protein Per Day

Protein per day

Protein is the one of the most important elements in our diets, the basic building material for our muscles. As our bodies constantly renew and repair, a lack of protein can mean that our overall muscle mass can actually decrease even with a complete exercise schedule. To ensure that all the hours spent in the gym are not wasted, the amount of protein per day should be a careful consideration for all.

High protein diets have been shown to not only increase muscle density alongside weight training, but also as an effective slimming tool. Popular diets such as Atkins and Keto are based on the principle of limited carbohydrates and high protein kick-starting a fat reduction. While this may not be appropriate for those who require a good supply of energy for weight lifting programs, the importance of protein intake for all kinds of health reasons cannot be overstated.But how much protein per day should people be eating exactly? Opinions differ, with some saying that beyond a certain level excess protein is not be used by the body and can be an expensive waste and others claiming that more is better however much the amount.Official guidelines state a fairly conservative lower amount, with the Dietary Reference Intake promoting a 0.8 grams of protein per kilogram of body weight. At this level, which claims to be an adequate amount for the preservation of normal muscle mass in sedentary adults,
  • Average man would require 56 grams
  • Average woman would need 46 grams
Body-builders eat at a higher level, with average amounts being around the 2.0- 2.5 grams per kilogram. This can often mean the use of protein powders and specially enriched foods alongside diets high in chicken and eggs alongside limited refined and baked carbohydrates. While some claim that is an unnecessary level of protein intake, studies on weight loss programs have found that diets with 25%-30% of total protein consumption promote a body fat reduction by boosting metabolism, reducing cravings and ensuring more even blood sugar levels.Whatever the correct amount for your lifestyle, age, gender and weight loss or muscle growth goals, it is also necessary to make sure the protein you are eating is the right kind. Protein is made up of amino acids, the basic building blocks of all living things. Humans need these acids to build all kinds of tissue inside our body. Some of these amino acids, known as essential acids, cannot be made directly by our bodies. You may have noticed some body building supplements boasting a complete amino profile, which basically means that it contains all variations needed for muscle growth.Essential amino acids are found in most animal products, such as meat and eggs. This means that meat eaters need to take little care of their intake, while vegetarians and vegans may find it difficult to gain a complete profile. This is the reason that vegetarians will often combine certain foods in order to replicate the natural balance found in meat.This post was written by Dane