How To Train Legs and Build Muscle

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Tired of not seeing results from your leg days in the gym? Thinking you’re training as hard as you can? STOP and THINK

Ask yourself these simple questions – Are you completely fatiguing your muscles? Are you adding in Supersets? Are you including Drop Sets into your workouts? Do you add forced reps? Are you going to complete failure? Do you pause during your working sets? Do you Pre-Exhaust your muscles?

If you’ve answered no to any one of those questions then there are a few changes you need to make in order to see the growth and muscle mass you’re so desperately wanting!

I am in the midst of my off season and my aim is to build real muscle as quickly as I can in my lower body. I wasn’t blessed with shapely legs and in order to reveal toned and muscular legs on stage I need to put the hard work in now to stimulate growth in my legs and glutes.

Check out my intense Leg Day Workout at Lougars Gym in Portsmouth with my Coach Clare Hendy.

This workout comprises of the following exercises and rest periods:

A1 – Heavy Leg Extension – Drop set and Forced Reps until Failure

A2 – Heavy Leg Press – Drop Set until Failure

Repeat 3 times with only 30 seconds rest in between sets.

B1 – Hack Squats – Drop set until Failure with Forced Reps

B2 – Sissy Squats – Until Failure

Repeat 3 times with only 30 seconds rest in between sets.

C1 – Alternate Lunges x 20 reps (10 per leg)

C2 – Step Ups x 20 reps (10 per leg)

Repeat 2 times with only 30 seconds rest in between sets.

D1 – Reverse Hack Squat – Drop Set until Failure with Forced Reps

D2 – Romanian Deadlifts – Drop Set until Failure

Repeat 3 times with only 30 seconds rest in between sets.

E1 – Lying down Hamstring Curl – Forced Reps and Drop Set until Failure

E2 – Lateral Box Jumps x 12 reps

Repeat 3 times with only 30 seconds rest in between sets.

So what actually does drop sets, forced reps and reps until failure mean? Well, you can clearly see within the first working set of my first exercise (Leg Extension) I can hardly move the weight up on my first rep, this is where my Coach steps in and helps me ever so slightly by lifting the weight with me (not taking all of the load) but making sure I still feel most of the weight. This is called a Forced Rep. I then continue these type of reps until I fatigue – I can’t do any more reps and my muscles are going to failure; however this is where drop sets step in and my coach drops the weight on the leg extension machine and I then continue repping out more reps. These reps are still guided by my coach but as you can see I am taking most of the weight. My muscles epically my Quadriceps are completely fatiguing here and once again my coach lowers the weight down for another drop set in order for me to completely fatigue my muscles and go to complete and utter failure.

But I am not done there! We quickly move straight over to the Leg Press machine (which is loaded with 100kg by the way – Ouch!) and complete as many reps as I can without pausing or resting – this is another important aspect to fatiguing your muscles and you need to make sure you are not allowing the working muscle any rest during the working set. My coach is by my side again to lend a hand with the weight on the last few reps that I can squeeze out by guiding the weight up, I then have to stay with the weight on my legs and glutes whilst a drop set is about to take place. Without racking the safety bars out and allowing my legs rest whilst my coach drops the weight, my muscles are again still under tension and are continuing to fatigue. The weight is dropped and I again have to rep out as many reps as I can without pausing, keeping the tension on the top of my quadriceps and deep into my glutes. I am again going to complete failure and by the time I have finished this first Superset my heart rate is exceeding limits and I am starting to drip in sweat!

That is how you complete ONE working Superset!

I think you can catch my drift with how the rest of the session went – and I can safely say it is the hardest I have EVER trained and has completely changed the way I push through my limits and how hard I train every body part.

Another key point to remember is my rest period in between supersets is extremely short, and approximately 30 seconds in length; if you’ve ever rested for only 30 seconds you can understand how little time that is in order for you to catch your breathe and get yourself ready for the next working set. This workout burns calories and tears your legs and glute muscles into pieces by shocking them with extreme fatigue and failure. This is how optimal muscle growth is gained and earned in the gym. Post workout nutrition is the next step to making sure your muscles grow and I will be posting about the best food sources and what you need to eat after training in my next post so stay tuned!

Thank you for reading and as always this post was written by Hayley

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