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With today’s technology we are swamped by social media coverage on a daily basis coating our iPhones and tablets with endless comical pictures, humorous videos and amusing quotes. Over the last few years fitness within social media has boomed; a lot of you may now use your faithful social media apps to learn from whilst blogs like us are posting daily updates and useful workouts on Facebook and Twitter in order to help your fitness lifestyle. Not forgetting the famous celebrity fitness stars posting their newest selfie in the gym showing off their ripped abs or bulging biceps which is a clear motivational hype for your own person workout and fitness routine. However, on the other side of this virtual fitness concept, how real is some of what we see? Actual blogs and articles can greatly aid your fitness knowledge and expand your understanding of diet, nutrition, weight loss, muscle building, etc, but how can we learn from – at times – very explicit bodily images showing off hard work, dieting or supplementation adaption and even steroid effects. We don’t really know the real person behind these photos and ‘selfies’ and therefore it’s about time that we connect the millions of fitness fanatics around the world by one fitness app that brings a social network into sports and fitness. The new ‘HowFit’ app designs to do just this, whilst aiding in the teaching and learning from bloggers and educational professionals; as well as adding a fun competition element to the daily lives of gym goers, endurance runners, bodybuilders and competitive beginners.

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How many of you sit at home reading or watching competitive sport wishing that you could utilise your fitness levels within a similar environment? Well, the time has now come where you can do exactly that! You can join in with such competitions by the power of your device in the palm of your hand; all by exploring other’s personal bests, ranking your own score against yourself and others as well as undoubtedly gaining an immense feeling of satisfaction and pride from setting yourself a target and engaging within wanting to improve and succeed. What more of an incentive do you need!

How Fit are you?

The HowFit app allows you to be ranked within individual exercises, events and sports amongst other people in your home country or from around the world. For example, imagine your favourite exercise and performing this within a certain time frame and getting an instant national rank something similar to: ‘You are ranked number 56 in England for Push Ups’! What an amazing instant feeling of satisfaction or if you’re hungry for more, really competitive and feel that you could be better, then this provides you with powerful motivation and encouragement to want to improve. You gain a whole new perspective on just how fit you really are and how much you think you need to progress by.
So are you feeling eager to start competing and earn ranks amongst others of similar ability to you? Then you’ll love the way the HowFit app controls the ranking order as you will only be compared with people who are of the same gender and similar weight and age to you in order to keep things fair – we definitely like the sound of that! HowFit will cater for ALL people, regardless of your exercise experience, ability, weight, age or gender.

IMG_6976Would you exercise harder to climb the leader boards? – Speaking from experiences within gym competitions, I definitely would! Achieving worldwide titles within your favourite exercise – that is something worth raving about on social media – imagine the likes you would get!

Now there is an added bonus to this section – for the first time in history every-day people like you and I could get the chance to compete with elite athletes! Assuming your favourite athlete decides to use HowFit, you could challenge yourself against their records and titles and see just how close you are to beating them!

The HowFit mantra is a social network dedicated to nutrition and exercise. Not only will there be the element of competition amongst this fitness app, it will also be a place where anybody can learn from the professionals, personal trainers, dietitians, sports scientists, coaches and many more working experts in order to create a fitter and healthier you. With the similar style to Twitter – however with no limit of how long your posts can be – thank goodness we don’t need to write each post in 140 characters or less, phew – you’ll be thankful to know that amongst your news feed the posts will be organised into ‘Nutrition’ and ‘Exercise’ posts in order you to only read about the sections you are interested in – a perfect filter to save us time!

Finally, not only can you share your knowledgeable information with others, you will also gain rewards from helping people improve their fitness life! Additional to the everyday ‘like’ button there will be a ‘helpful’ button; this means that the more people that find your post helpful, the more your ‘helpful’ count increases. This not only leads to great feelings of satisfaction it also means if you’re a coach/trainer or working specialist your profile will be booming with tons of helpful votes, which increases your credibility and more users will naturally gravitate to your profile – increased popularity equals increased success!

IMG_6975How many of you tend to talk yourselves out of going to the gym after a long, stressful day at work, lying to yourself about having no energy and coming up with heaps of excuses? HowFit will provide you with the strongest of motivation that we all require on a daily basis, as you scroll through your newsfeed you’ll see that others around you aren’t falling for these excuses and have been on an exhilarating 10k run or pumping iron in their local gym – or how about someone stealing your precious ‘10th in Wales’ spot, do you think skipping your workout is going to help you? We all know that we finish the gym with ten times more energy than what we had when first starting our workout with!

Not forgetting the hardest part of all – your diet! Sticking to eating clean, healthy whole foods can be draining at the best of times, especially when you’ve forgotten to meal prep and your work only has a vending machine stuffed full of chocolate, crisps and other sugary treats! Seeing photos and recipes of super healthy and colourful meals that are just as easy to put together as your normal everyday spag pol, improves your wiliness to want to eat healthy and allows you to learn from the best sources of nutritional advisers.

So to sum up, HowFit is the newest social network that will introduce an exciting new way of checking how fit you’ve made yourself and how fit others are around the world. It will supply you with the tools to inspire others and consequently to learn from others. No matter what level of fitness you’re at, HowFit can help you get fitter, healthier and make you feel good about yourself!

Everyday social media apps thrive on our love of being social. HowFit aims to do the same thing, but channels that social energy into your health and fitness by giving us theoretical reasons to keep going.

You can now follow HowFit on Twitter and Instagram: @howfitapp as well as hitting the ‘Like’ button on their Facebook HowFit page.

Coming soon exclusively to iPhones, you can sign up and gain full access to HowFit for FREE when it launches in the up and coming summer months:


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