It’s all in the Mind

“Don’t go for a run, stay in bed, it’s warm and cosy.” My mind suggested bringing my attention to just how lovely it felt being in bed. I could hear the rain hammering it down outside on the seafront and the wind sounded ferocious.

Using a simply strategy I went anyway and had a great run. The reason why I went is because life is too short to wait for perfect conditions to do anything. If I did that then nothing would get done, simple as that.

Exercising often proves a challenge to most people as the mind is very good at showcasing hypnotically suggestive thoughts which tell them not to go.  The problem is that they tend to believe these thoughts and in that trance like state zombie walk back to the couch, home or bed. Those pesky trance like states can also lead people to the fridge, shops or cupboards to over eat and drink.  This then leads to complaints of lack of will power and cries of “Why can’t I just do it?”

Here are some strategies and things to remember that I use myself and with clients:

1. Thoughts are just thoughts.  They are not real, they are in reality just a bunch of images and sounds being produced by the mind.

2. Thoughts are not commands to be obeyed. They are offers. People who practice being more present can more often choose the thoughts to act on and which ones to discard. We can’t do this all the time but the more the better.  Proactive instead of reactive is very handy and can make life much easier.

3. When the mind makes future based suggestions about anything to do with exercise use this simple question. “Is this 100% true?”  Reality is that the future does not exist yet so future based suggestions cannot be true. I use this especially when my mind says “slow down, I’m tired, or my knees ache.” I often find that I am not tired at all and any aches or pains are not there.  It really is all in the mind.

4. Using trance. If my mind is trying to suggest excuses to not go etc I sometimes just go on an autopilot like trance. Without much thought I just gather my gym stuff and go.  “Just do it,” sometimes echoes in my mind as a mantra when I do this.

5. Learning to use NLP techniques to enter various states of mind to enhance exercise routines is also very good.  In the gym or when running I can enter this state by using mental triggers which I have programmed in.  It reminds me of the Matrix when Neo get’s plugged in to become a Kung Fu master. Of course that’s fantasy but the realistic states of mind you can trigger when exercising can take you that much further.  Client’s tell me how amazing it can be to be in their chosen state of mind when they set off their triggers.

6. Snap your fingers and shift your attention away from negative trance like states to the present moment. Choose consciously to be more like the person you want to be right now.  There is nothing to wait for, be that person right now as much as you can be. Use the snapping of fingers to come back to the NOW when you drift again, which is natural. Keep practising to make it a habit.

Remember that it is all in the mind and you can empower yourself to be more like the person you want to be.  It’s not just your body which needs training, it’s vital for the mind to get exercised to! It takes time and investment but learning how could be the best thing you ever do. Let 2013 be the best year ever for you.

This post was written by Paul (@TheLifeDoctor) .

The Life Doctor is a Therapy Clinic based in Brighton and Hove focuses on using proactive therapies such as hypnotherapy, IEMT, NLP, Life Coaching Counselling, Mindfulness, EFT and MET to change your issues quickly, thoroughly and as successfully, helping achieve great results including fitness, training and well-being.