James Sutliff Interview

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Name: James Sutliff
Nickname: Sutty
Age: 31
Height: 6ft
Weight: 14st 10
Sponsored by: Whole Gym.
Ambassador Athlete: Skinny Chimp, Prep Perfect, UFIT Drinks.

Twitter: @james_sutliff84
Website: James Sutliff Personal Trainer and Disability Specialist
Instagram: @James_sutliff

When did you first start training?
From the age of 17 I started going gym.
I went gym because I was playing rugby and wanted to put some size on

How often do you train?
I train twice a day, 6 times a week

How long do you train for?
Morning sessions are 30minutes. 20 minutes fasted HIIT cardio with 10minutes abs.
Afternoon weight session is about between 1hour- 1 in a half hours.

What are your goals?
Too have a successful business coaching disabled and non disabled clients through fitness.

Which is your favourite muscle group to train?



Can you talk through your weekly workout?
Fasted HIIT cardio and abs in mornings.
Weight sessions in afternoons.

Do you follow a particular diet?
Nothing in particular.
I eat clean most of the time.
I rarely cheat.

What supplements so you take?
BCAA,Creatine,glutamine,multi vitamins

What music do you listen to when training?
Deep House Music

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Who do you look up to or admire?
Jamie Alderton

What is you best achievement?
Being featured in Men’s Fitness Magazine UK

What advice would you give anybody who wants to start training?
Enjoy it. Just train to your limits for a start.