Kitesurfing in the Rio Olympics


In the Rio 2014 Olympics, windsurfing has replaced kiteboarding as a competitive sport. It is a decision that has led to heartbreak among the kiteboarding champions. In May 2012, there had been a decision to replace sails with kites, but it was reversed in November. The earlier decision and its reversal were blamed on ‘language problems’ between the delegates. Both sports are wind-powered surface sports; the difference lies in the choice of a sail or a kite to move across the water on a board. It may not sound like there is not much to differentiate among them, yet the two sports are basically different, and over 1.5 million kiteboarders worldwide have been left very disappointed.

KiteSurfing - Fitness Fan

Kitesurfing, often also known as kiteboarding, is a sport which combines the thrill of windsurfing with the precision of gymnastic and various aspects of surfing and paragliding. Kitesurfing came into existence in the 1990s and today, it is very popular among water sports enthusiasts. In fact, there are several water sports lovers who are contemplating diving into the sport, seeing the excitement and euphoria around the sporting events associated with kitesurfing.

Watching the true kite boarding experts doing their stuff can make the onlooker feel that this sport is not easy. Those guys can achieve speeds of over 50 mph and can fly 50 feet above the water and do various tricks. However, kitesurfing is truly easy to learn and once it has been mastered it can provide hours of joy and thrills.

Kitesurfing is one of the best water sports that anyone can join in. It teaches you co-ordination and precision. The ability to control the kite, be able to manoeuvre yourself and to do precision diving and flying are only achieved after careful training, preferably under the tutelage of a professional teacher. Once these skills have been mastered, the joy of being able to enjoy nature at her finest is unmatched.

The health benefits of kitesurfing are many and varied. It, of course, tones your body since a certain amount of physical skill and exercise is required. The adrenaline rush will definitely decrease your stress, and it will improve your ability to concentrate and coordinate your movements. Many kite-surfers speak about the visible improvement in their balance and reflexes.

Kitesurfing can be of many types, beginning with the basic surfing also known as freeride. Most boards are today sold for freeriding, since it is the easiest and most popular form of kitesurfing. Freestyle is used for air jumps, and is also used for competitive events. Wave riding is popular with surfers, since they combine kiteboarding and surfing within this sport. Wakestyle is a form of kitesurfing used by younger riders in waters that are flat.

This post was written and carried out by Dane of Fitness Fan