KO Power All In One Protein


The KO Power All In One Protein is a great addition to any supplement stack. I’ve adopted this protein powder as my mid-afternoon pre-workout shake and it’s settled in perfectly. It provides a quick boost in energy that remains consistent throughout my workout, keeping me focused on performance.

At 60g a scoop I was slightly concerned it would mix too thick and be a sludge to drink but it mixes surprisingly well and gives a milkshake-like consistency. Once shaken it needs about 30 seconds to settle otherwise it’s slightly on the foamy side. The taste is great, easily drinkable with no hint of the glutamine and creatine which can often overpower similar all in one shakes.

The only downside to this is that I prefer to split my supplements out and control my intake of glutamine, protein and creatine separately but apart from that I can’t fault this protein.



  1. Mixes well
  2. Tastes good
  3. Contains : Glutamine, HMB,  Creatine Monohydrate
  4. Comes with scoop


  1. All-in-one solution
  2. Needs to settle otherwise frothy

Overall I would give this protein 4/5 just because of my preference for splitting out supplements, other than that it’s a great tasting shake that mixes well.

At the current price of £26.99 inc. delivery on Amazon, it’s also pretty reasonable.