Kyrobak for Back Pain Injury


Just 10 minutes a day using Kyrobak can offer amazingly significant relief!

I was recently given a great opportunity to try out a Kryobak device and I want to share my results with you the avid readers at Fitness Fan. Lower back pain is a typical everyday ‘pain in the back’ for most of us; whether you work at a desk slumped over your computer all day or just generally have bad posture, most of us from time to time suffer with non-specific lower back pain. We all moan about it but how many of us can actually afford to see a Chiropractor on a weekly basis or get those much needed relaxation massages in during our hectic working lives? Most of us can’t and we tend to simply put up with the pain – even if it means skipping your daily gym workout and feeling incredibly anxious about the day ahead with those interfering aches and pains. However, technology newly introduced has made it possible for everyday people like you and I to use a unique in-home device clinically proven to treat our non-specific lower back pain using proprietary Continuous Passive Motion and Oscillation Therapy. Fancy as it sounds this non-invasive, gentle approach introduces a simple, relaxing method for targeted relief of lower back pain.


Fancy a personal Chiropractor in the comfort of your own home?


Within just 10 minutes of lying back, relaxing and treating myself to the use of the Kryobak, I felt a great relief of my lower back pain whilst increasing my mobility and flexibility! With continued use, 10 minutes a day was an easy target to hit and within 5 days of using it I felt extremely less stiff and less pain all over my back as well as less tension within my trapezius muscles.

Kyroback Device

It was super easy to use, easy to set up and as well as pack away – which was a major bonus! The machine requires you to either lie down and relax in the comfort of your living room or enjoy the movement whilst watching listening to music or even use it in the luxury of your own bed! I found it very calming to use and within a few minutes of getting used to the motion you find yourself drifting off into a day-dream enjoying the repetitive circular motion of the Kyrobak’s cushion. The Kyrobak has three different speeds that you have complete control of and means on your good days a lighter session can still be prescribed in order to keep your joints from being immobile and aiding blood flow to the specific area allowing your tight muscles to relax.

How does Kryobak work?

Continuous Passive Motion has been a major part of the rehabilitation process used for over 30 years by medical professionals to treat patients with lower back pain, recovering from surgery or even trauma to the back. It is based on the scientific observation that immobilisation is unhealthy for the joints meaning joint motion promotes the healing and regeneration of articular cartilage. Further research has shown that small passive repetitious joint movements can increase mobility of the joints and therefore decrease lower back pain. By loosening tight muscles and releasing the pressure between the vertebrae to relieve the pain, Kyrobak claims to provide safe and effective technology in relieving and providing targeted relief from non-specific lower back pain.

Non-specific lower back pain refers to pain that hasn’t risen from any particular medical condition, for example a known disease or fracture, but from the structures of the lower back. It is usually triggered by how we use and look after our backs, and many lifestyle practices such as poor posture and lack of movement can exacerbate the problem.

Kyroback Fitness Fan

The pro’s of using the Kyrobak were definitely highlighted with the fact that it is compact and portable – so you can take it with you anywhere you go! Not only does it save you time it also helps to save you money that you may be currently cashing out for on regular treatment plans. The longer you use the Kyrobak device the more relief from your lower back pain you will experience – just 10 minutes a day could relieve all your back worries!

At Kyrobak, the makers claim that furthermore to it being an effective form of pain relief it is also completely safe and painless. When reading the important safety guide, Kyrobak highlights particular back pain sufferers that the device may not be recommended for.

The relief of the pressure within my lower back muscles was hugely granted from using the Kyrobak for 10 minutes a day, every day for a total of three weeks. I would definitely recommend such a device due to its easy to use nature and excellent calming and massaging techniques – perfect for unwinding after a long day at work.

You can now try Kyrobak with a great 60-day money back guarantee! Just head over to: